Prayin’ Playin’ Workin’ Fishin’ – Gettin’ It Done!

Did I already tell you how amazing this group of kids are? Well, they are! When they are requested to do anything

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Did I already tell you how amazing this group of kids are? Well, they are!
When they are requested to do anything there is no hesitation, in fact, most of
the time they initiate instead of waiting to be told what to do next.

And never fear, English studies have continued while wrapping trees. EX: Did
you know that swum is a past participle for the word swim. After much debate,
our expert English Instructor had us look it up and Voila ! ! ! Swim, Swam,
Swum .. Who would have ever thunk it? LOL Quite a bit of debate was had and
google proved our professor’s point.

As we have wrapped the trees near the two pond/lakes our fishermen have
yearned to fish, so during a break I headed into Walmart and purchased some
fishing gear and worms. During our free time, the students that didn’t want to
do the giant swing or stack crates or play Nuke ’em! (a cross between
volleyball and dodgeball) they fished, caught and released quite a few fish.

During our debrief where we each share moments of the day it was a great
picture of what happens while on the trips.

“I love being with my class” “I enjoyed doing the trees”
“Fishing” “I wish everyone had come” “Being here”

The discussion tonight as we are preparing for bed – I wish we could stay

It is wonderful watching students start off in their little groups wrapping
the trees and as we progressed, that began to change. People began just jumping
into a group because they needed help to finish. They worked together, laughed
together, encouraging the next Summit record holder for crate stacking,
challenging each other during the nuke ’em game, helping each other be
successful while fishing. Then when it’s devotional time they are spending time
writing their responses not trying to rush through the moment.

Getting to work a long side of the our students our leaders have amazing
opportunities for conversations, to encourage them from what we have seen shine
in their character as they work and play. Such a blessing.

This morning the devotional was on being thankful – Tonight it was on trust!  

Read : LUKE 1:39-56
Key Verse : “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my
Savior, for he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant.”
(Luke 1:46-48)

We listed our blessings. Even when things are tough, God is good. We
listened to Toby Mac & The Blessing sing The Goodness as we wrote down the
ways we know God has blessed us and what we are thankful for. I encourage you
to take a moment and do the same thing.

Everywhere that I go … You keep showin’ up … You’re the goodness in
my life!
I pray that He is the goodness in your life! I pray that
He is the goodness of your student’s life and that He ALWAYS will be!

What does your level of trust in God say about how well you know Him? What
can you do to grow on
your trust in God?


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