Life is about Routine Things – Done Routinely!

It was a full day today! Colonel Mac Leod was leaving to head back to the campus but he shared with the team before he headed out. When he shares, his experiences of life and his relationship with God captures his audience, and I think of the former commercials about E.F. Hutton – “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen”. I title his sharing:

Life is about Routine Things, Done Routinely

~the Colonel

Colonel Mac Leod shared how the things we do daily can develop a lifestyle that will allow God to direct our path and we can live with confidence that God has things prepared for us. A dedication to a daily devotion can give you wisdom, and wisdom is applying knowledge in a biblical way. If you get in a routine of seeking him – He will guide you and direct the longing in your life. Meeting with God daily, you will develop a personal vision for your life that will then give you hope to dare to dream. He already knows your thoughts and he wants to help guide you on that path towards those dreams. He wants to use those gifts and dreams to further his kingdom. Some dreams you dream, aren’t your dreams. They are his. He planted them in your life. The scriptures that you read are clues that God gives to you about your future. Walking through life without God guiding you is like walking on a mountain trail, at night without a flashlight. You can trip and fall and get seriously hurt because you can’t really see the truth about where you are choosing to place your feet on the path that is in front of you. Colonel Mac Leod shared about his own training in the military and an exercise they used to train the men. (ask your student)

Setting the Stage

The Colonel set the stage for your students as they are ending their Junior year (the sophomores got a glimpse into what is ahead for them as well) and become seniors. and the Senior Leadership Seminars that are being prepared for them at Summit. for their final year in high school. Our concern is not where you are going to go after you leave Summit Christian Academy, but do you know who you are in Christ? We desire that you have full confidence that God has things prepared for you and we want to accelerate the discovery process for each of our students that you know who God has made you to be. You also are a gift to the body of Christ and routinely being in his Word will develop a godly wisdom which gives you the ability to discern truth and right choices. Some people go through life never understanding nor feeling fulfilled by having that confidence and daily leading from God.

I watched your students listen to him, which is not something they are privileged to do that often. What a blessing it was that he was able to join us for a couple of days. He worked along side them shoveling thick wet clay into a bottomless hole , shared meals and listened to and joined in their conversations. They saw he wasn’t going to be someone just ‘overseeing’ them. He was going to be involved with them in their journey. So when he shared, he spoke things to them, that in a short time he already learned about each of them, I believe their hearts began to realize; “My headmaster actually cares about me, personally, today and into my future.” I’m not just a number, I am a person that God has created. I have a purpose. Our prayer is that they discover and pursue that purpose that God created them for. A contented, fulfilled future is ahead for each of them. That is what I call … “Good Stuff”

Our Next Project

The rain gave us a late start to our ‘routine’ while on the trip… serving! We went back to the senior center and goodness was it cold. God did another really cool thing for us. I will call it the $7 miracle. When we expect that God can and will provide for us as we are providing for others, it empowers us to push through difficult situations with confidence. Ask your student about Antlers, Oklahoma on the final day of serving, the rain, the wind and the $7 hoodie!

We got everything done that we could in the time we had! The kids did a great job! As leaders we were so proud of them.

Heading back to the cabins, we had a short time to get ready to head to the Wednesday night ministry. As always, it was a sweet time of the students being courageous and stepping out of their comfort zone to step into the lives of children and teens that God cares deeply about. The elementary team: Caleb, Christina, Muthoni, Nicole and Camryn did an amazing job. They shared about how God provides for us. First by giving us his son Jesus. They taught the children how to sing Jesus Loves Me in English ( many didn’t know the song) om Chinese and then Japanese! Puppets, games and crafts to go along with the story of Jesus and the 2 fish and 5 loaves.

The secondary team: Lizzy, Mary, Audrey, Scott, Max, Ethan worked with the older kids. They were very vulnerable as they shared their own daily struggles and the scriptures that they use ‘routinely’ to combat their own fears and weaknesses which is allowing them to grow in their faith and trust in God.

Sharing and prayer time for both groups was so sweet.

Devotional and Debrief

The students answered 3 questions

  1. How have you seen the Lord work through somebody else on this trip?
  2. What has changed in you because of his trip?
  3. What do you want to take with you from this experience?

Some could answer… others are still figuring it out!

To see our students be courageous and choose to be uncomfortable for the sake of someone else receiving God’s grace and assurance was a beautiful thing.

I pray that these young people will choose to build into their lives those routines that will serve them well as they learn who they are in Christ, dare to dream, routinely meet with God then grow in wisdom. Then, through their life’s purpose they will further the kingdom of God

Thank you for allowing us to partner with you in the spiritual journey of your sons and daughters.

mrs g

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