Community – It Matters !

We had a great day in Antlers Oklahoma. Our task was to repaint the Senior Citizen’s Pavilion at the Kiamichi Senior Living Center. We were a small crew with a really good sized task but our students took on the challenge with great attitudes and a spirit of serving and fun!

We had been warned that there might be some of the residents that love to talk visiting us and we were ready to interact. As leaders we were so proud of our students and how they showed such great respect no matter how many times one of the sweet feisty ladies came over to visit and share stories and gave solutions to our painting agenda. Honestly, our students listened, showed respect with focused attention. Not only do we now know a lot about her life … she has a motorcycle and of course that came out!

Another lady was having her own little ‘garage sale’ in the tiny community center where they play games and have meetings, holiday events, etc. She wanted us to know she might had something we needed and would we please come take a look. She was downsizing again, after the loss of the husband and needed to get rid of items she didn’t use or had only used once! Soooo, Mary and I headed over and shopped! I bought a large brand new electric skillet (for my husband… ha) and she gave Mary an antique little sugar dispenser, the top is silver!

Community … It Matters!

This group of students worked so well together the whole day. We didn’t finish, we ran out of Kilz so we might return on Wednesday. We’re all hoping that after the horrible storm that passed through Antlers, everyone is okay. As we were packing up to end the day, our friend came out again, we asked if she had any prayer requests and then some of us prayed for her. So sweet!

Our students want to g o back over there and check on everyone and make sure they are all okay. I am hoping time will allow us to do that. I know we can find out through LCAA but we’d like to put our own eyes on it, if you know what I mean.

We returned to the cabins, and cabin 11 had dinner prep duty and did an amazing job. Chicken tortellini with red, white and pesto sauces, garlic bread, Caesar salad and grated Parmesan. Truly, it was awesome!

Tomorrow we are supposed to head to Millerton, OK and work in their Self-Help Housing handing insulation and various other jobs.

Our second crew got here safe and we are so glad.

Blessings and thank you for your prayers.

The students are helping lead the debrief and the devotional times. Pray as they prepare for that.

We packed the backpacks and tomorrow evening we’ll go over/rehearse for our Wednesday Night Ministry with the children and the teens.

We had crazy weather all around us but things were okay here at the cabins. Please pray for those in Oklahoma that are going to have to deal with the results of the high winds and the hail damage. Pray for our new friends in the Senior Center, that they are safe!

We are ALL blessed to be a blessing!

In Him,

Mrs g

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