Oooooak – la homa! Where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain!

And that ain’t no joke! It was a windy ride in to Choctaw County! We went by way of Paris so of course we had to have a pic at the base of the Eiffel Tower!

We arrived at our cabins, unloaded and headed in to town for a Tex-Mex Dinner at El Ranchero!

Unloading the trailer and getting settled in our cabins.

Then it was off to Walmart for our breakfast items and … stuff! Nick has come up with a new style of backpack.

Needless to say, we have laughed and laughed and enjoyed getting to know each other better. Caleb has us all laughing our heads off (actually all three of the guys) and Muthoni is determined to eliminate all bugs around the cabins.

We closed our night out with going over the week as best as we understand the schedule, along with team expectations and guidelines for the week.

Our first devotional will be on Romans 12. We invite you to read the chapter with us and pray for us as we reflect on living our lives as a living sacrifice, walking in grace towards one another, preferring one another, and letting our love for others be genuine!

Thank you again for allowing your student to join us on the trip. Our leaders Mr. Zambrano and Ms. Swanson are just the best!

Fyi! We’ve asked the kiddos to put the phones away tonight, get rest so we’re ready to serve and be a blessing!

Oh, would you say a pray for Gloria, our checker at Walmart. She looked so tired and we asked if she was having to work until 11:00pm. Yes and she’d been there since 2pm. I told her we would pray for her to have extra energy and asked was there anything else we could pray for? She said, “Yes, please, my car didn’t start last night when I left at 11. I need it to get fixed, I have to have my car.” Praying for Gloria to be able to get her car fixed or even better. It just works! We’ll see her again tomorrow! : D

Until tomorrow night!

Mrs g

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