Saturday – Part 2 – Takin’ It Home

  1. How did you see God work through someone else this week?
  2. What did God teach you this week?
  3. What does it look like for you to take what you’ve learned back home?

These were the questions asked of the Summit team by MOH team. We finished an amazing dinner and then headed to an area on the beach to have our final debrief/devotional.

We began with worship led by Mr. Calcote and Kiley Millican and ended it with being encouraged to speak out the name of someone they prayed with or met this past week and pray for them.

The three questions above were asked by Ellie and it was a little slow going but by the third question many were sharing. It was so sweet. Students and leaders shared what they saw in others and how it encouraged and blessed them. The students mentioned that they have grown closer to each other and hoped they would make an effort to continue to connect once they returned to Summit. Even though there was just a little time left until they graduate, it was good how they interacted and got to know each other better and they didn’t want it to stop.

On the second question they began to share about how God changed their hearts for the homeless. Once they met them, they realized they really were just people living in perilous conditions because of life decisions and circumstances. They saw the heart of Jesus for the homeless. Others realized that they could be stretched and challenged to be aware and allow the Holy Spirit to draw them to someone different from them and reach out and offer encouragement, prayer and hope.

For the last question many shared that they wanted to be more aware of what’s going on around them so they can recognize ways to serve and to look at ways to serve. It really was a precious time.

We closed with one last song – Give Me Jesus! Mr. Calcote shared the words, In the morning when I rise, when I am alone and at the end of my life … so in essence from the beginning to the end … all I need … Give Me Jesus.


Tomorrow: We’ll be landing approximately at 4:00.

Just a word of advice, your students have worked very hard this week. In the hot sun. No complaining. They were amazing, we are so very proud of them, but they are tired. Your student may just talk 100 miles an hour and not stop for hours. OR Your student may still be processing what went on and they are still thinking through things. So if you receive a short answer, “It was great but I’m so tired, I just want to sleep” or “After a while you’re saying “Oh my word! I don’t think I can process all this! (are they going to stop and go to sleep?” Or somewhere in between. Give them the time.

The leadership team is praying that your students will take what they have experienced and learned and will continue to apply it to their lives. We pray that they will desire to continue growing in their relationship with God and out of that, they will care about the eternal salvation of others. Because of what they have experienced, and new ways they have learned to serve, they and will look for ways to be a part of loving others, helping others, giving hope to others. They will desire to be a part of building God’s kingdom one man, one woman, one teen, one child at a time!

See you tomorrow

Mrs. g

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