Saturday – Part 1 – God’s Plan Always Works

Today was the Kids Klub at the park. Little did we know that another group S O S (heath initiative org)have rented the whole park as did Mission of Hope. They each reserved it with a different park services personnel.

It was just a little disconcerting for both Katie(MOH) and the lady in charge of SOS services. So they decided to split the park. SOS had their area set up in areas with crafts, snacks, small animal petting area, jumping house, word search, slim table, face painting, Zumba, etc. To participate your parent had to stay with you.

The kids coming for MOH/Summit Kids Klub were able to drop their kids off at 9:30 and not come back until 2.

The kids wanted to go to the SOS Fair so bad it was hard to keep them engaged.

Wow … this was becoming difficult to keep with the plan we had made … we couldn’t blame the kids, who wouldn’t want to go to the jumpy house and do all the stations that were set up for fun?

“God Always Has A Plan – He Will Make A Way”

MOH asked us if it would be okay to change things up and our team would ‘buddy up’ the kids and take them to each station and get all the goodies. YES! ! ! These kids usually don’t get to go to the ‘Fair’ events because their parents won’t or can’t take them. So this was extra special for the kids! Then, they were able to focus and have fun with our kids because of the interaction going through the fair. Our kids played and shared and laughed.

The Theme we had was God Will Make a Way (sounds familiar) – the story of Moses at the Red Sea. Exodus 14: 15-16. Through our time together we sang fun songs, Kiley M told the story of Moses and how God made a way for them, and the kids helped act it out. Later we did a craft for the story and the people helping shared with the children the meaning and the story and had great conversations. Mrs. Suarez was working with one sweet guy and he had never heard the story so she got to share with him. (he had come later and missed the story time. Genevieve got to share part of Dr Rosie Wheeler’s story of her journey from Haiti and becoming a doctor. She had made special cards for each of the kids and had a Haiti flag for them. A few more kids and parents were introduced to MOH through lunch by our handing out hot dogs and later the lollipops and popsicles for desert.

At the end of the Kids Klub we knew we had loved on some kids, we had made new friends and now there were new kids and families introduced to the ministry of MOH.

After the Park…

Most of the students wanted to go back to the beach so Colonel Mac Leod and Mr. Calcote took them to the beach for a few more hours of fun in the fun.

Mrs. Suarez and I volunteered to stay back at the boat and cool off with the group that had already had enough fun in the sun and sand and wanted to cool off, rest, and maybe head to the coffee gift shop at the Marina down the road.

We’ll have dinner on the boat at 6p and then head back to the beach for a final debrief.

You’ll either get the last blog of the trip tonight or in the morning!


mrs. g

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