Thursday … It Was A Really Good Day! !

Today was White Street Pier/Higgs Beach and Mallory Square street evangelism and Big Coppit Food Drive.  The group divided into two teams. After lunch we switched our groups around to help build stronger relationships amongst the students that don’t normally hang out with each other.  It was exciting to hear many of them say it was awesome to hang with other classmates and get to know them better. They felt it helped make them stronger as a class.

Team 1 started at White Street Pier and Higgs Beach. Team 2 & 3 started at Big Coppit Food Drive.  After lunch the teams switched ministries.

Big Coppit First Baptist has had a food pantry ministry that has been a blessing to many people in Key West. As in all food pantry ministries they are a necessity for people and families to make it from week to week – pay check to pay check. We made 180 grocery bags and we think we gave most of them away.  The students and leaders really enjoyed getting to interact with people that were lined up in their cars to receive groceries.  One lady apologized for being there, and taking the food. They were able to encourage her that it was their honor to serve her. So many stories like that. One of the students that got to hand out the bags said it went so fast that one hour felt like minutes.

The street evangelism was a ‘stretching’ moment for most everyone.  A small group of people from Islamorada that had come to Key West after being led by God through prayer to reach out to people on the streets of Key West to bring the hope of Jesus.  They come once a month and their time to come coincided with our visit this week. 

Two of the groups into the Haitian pastor Jean Jean. It was his Haitian Church we attended on Sunday night!  We were excited to get to share with him how his church services blessed all of us.

During the debrief, there was a lot of laughter recalling fun and funny moments and there was a lot of tender moments recalling special moments of interacting with people. I believe the students are enjoying the experience. Every leader encouraged and complimented the students on their attitudes and willingness to be stretched and be uncomfortable in many situations. Colonel Mac Leod shared about a time in his life when he encountered something in his Christian walk that was different from what he had understand or was familiar with. He chose not just walk away from it but to study, search and learn more about the character of God. Having the desire to want to understand the character of God helps us to live our lives in a way that pleases God.

As I am writing about the debrief I am reminded of one of our Senior Seminars when General Peake asked the seniors, “What do people need the most?”  Many answers were given, and he told the students they were all good things but they were really things that involved our emotions, how we felt about things. However, he continued to say, that what people really needed, what everyone needed most was discernment.  Discernment will help us make wise decisions and guide us in every area of our life. Discernment comes from the knowledge of the truth about God. that comes from studying his word and spending time with God. There you gain wisdom and from wisdom you get discernment.

I feel confident in saying that every teacher, staff member’s prayer is that a strong relationship with God will become the desire of each student’s heart at Summit.  Each student would have a relationship with God that is meaningful and important to them. A relationship that they will treasure and guard. One that will allow them to grow in wisdom and discernment and will serve them well in every area of their life as they leave the halls of high school and on to the next exciting journey God has for them.

Tomorrow is our free day.  So it’s the beach for most of the class and it’s straight to the shops for a small group.  Then everyone will go to another shopping area and out to eat.  Pray for a safe fun day and for our Saturday Kids Klub! 


Mrs. g

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