Every Man, Woman and Child …

Today we finished the paint job at Glad Tidings Tabernacle Church.  Pastor Carey told the MOH leaders how much this meant to him. He’s spent the past years getting his church out of debt. Now it was time to use their resources to do all the repairs. We came and took the painting of the office off of his list of to do’s. What a blessing that is to him and his congregation.

As we were coming to an end, there was only painting left for two people, the rest of us prayer walked the blocks around the church. 

If you’ve never prayer walked before, it’s praying on site with insight!  It’s such a powerful thing to do. If it’s a business, you pray for the owners and leaders to walk and serve with integrity and honor. You pray that they would act justly in all circumstances. You pray for all in the building to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.  If you walk by a home, you pray for the people in the home; their safety, their every day needs, for their health and of course their salvation.  Jesus said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to me.”   Pray over every person or place that the name of Jesus Christ would be lifted up over the people and the families.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will draw them to their Savior!

If you’ve never done a prayer walk. I encourage you to try it.  You can walk the halls of your business, when you are shopping up and down the grocery store aisles, in your own neighborhood, praying for peace and safety and that everyone would have the chance to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.  No one has to hear you, you can say it in your heart, softly or whatever you are comfortable with. It can be life changing. For you and for those you pray for.

We have the evening off and we are chilling on the boat after a great dinner of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw and rolls!  Yum!

EVERYBODY ought to know that Jesus loves them

Tomorrow is food drive and evangelism.  The team will split in half because there isn’t enough room for everyone.  We will change ministries after lunch.


  • Divine moments as we interact with people and have opportunities to pray for them
  • Pray that the food we prepare to give for others, blesses them and goes further than usual
  • Pray for the students to have the courage they need as they interact with others, giving physical hope and spiritual hope

Thank you for your prayers.  It has been a great trip. Key West Mission of Hope is an amazing ministry with the goal of reaching every man, woman and child with the message of hope… the message of Jesus Christ. Because, EVERYBODY ought to get to hear and know that Jesus loves them and gave his life for them to experience eternal life!

Mrs. G

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