“But I Can Still See Him”

Today was a food delivery day in the trailer park. We headed back to Pastor Carey’s church to bag up the groceries for families and make children’s snack packs as well. Katie shared with the students how to give what they called pocket testimony. We practiced in teams of two and then we loaded up and headed to our destination. William and eventually Colonel Mac Leod were running the BBQ pit as part of our food delivery was to invite each home to the basketball court to have free hot dogs and chips!

Most of the time there was quite a language barrier, yet we were all so proud of our students as that did not stop them from trying to reach out and love on the people. Some of the people spoke Spanish, some Creole, and some English! We got the point across with our smiles and the gentleness with which the students approached the whole event. A few people showed up and we were able to hand many hot dogs out to those returning from work and rounding the corner by the court to go home. Some one would yell a greeting and then show the food and most of the time the driver would stop and with a big smile and accept the blessing.

We chilled on the boat for a couple of hours then went to the park where we’ll spend Saturday hosting a Kids Club day! We had fun practicing our song, our game rotations and games. A brief game of chicken in a bucket and sharks and minnows and then we had 5 minutes to get to the boat!

We returned to the boat and had an A.MAZ.ING Haitian dinner. Rice and beans, pikliz, a Haitian hot sauce, chicken cooked in coconut milk… yummy! Oh, and plantains! Brownie bites and ice cream for dessert!

We had two days to debrief and took our time tonight. The kids really enjoyed the opportunity to meet the homeless people living in the trees and shared how it touched their hearts getting to connect with them. I can’t wait for you to hear their stories. It was very powerful. Meeting Pastor Carey was an mazing time and having him share with our students from his own life experiences was an opportunity that God gave this class. We talked tonight about how what he shared and spoke into their lives from his many years of experience. It was like 5 Senior Seminar Sessions in one morning. I pray they will recall the truths and the challenges he gave to them.

I want to close with this. We were about to close in prayer and one of the students said, “Mrs. G, I have one more thing to share. “Sean Patrick, one of the homeless guys did not want to hear a thing about God, he didn’t want to talk about him or for us to talk to him about God. As we were walking away, I told God, “God, he (Sean) doesn’t see you.”  God replied “But, I can still see him.”

What a beautiful truth! Isn’t comforting to know that even though we might turn away or abandon our faith God does not abandon us. So whenever you are discouraged about that child, friend, spouse, neighbor and coworker, don’t give up hope.

God still sees them.

Thank God for our health, for the courage the kids are displaying and for the growth that is happening in them

Pray for tomorrow for strength as we finish painting the office building of Pastor Carey and for those that we have already interacted with, that the Holy Spirit will take those moments and do what only he can do!

In This Together

Mrs. g

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