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The least, the last and the left out

Lately I was reading a devotional by Phil Ware,  getting ready for these two days in Burnet county,  and Phil used some of my favorite verses Matthew 25:33 – 40

He writes; While Jesus wants us to be compassionate and caring to all people, this passage is primarily about how we treat those the world seems to think are the least, but whom Jesus values as his disciples.

    The least, the last, and the left out  

become the primary ones who come to Jesus and find life, love, and lasting hope. Jesus’ promise is that as we care for those in Jesus’ community, no matter their circumstance, we are caring for him. We can actually experience Immanuel, God with us, when we care for disciples of Jesus!

That verse makes my heart race… when we care for others, we care for him. He is there!

Today our students did what I call, ‘brought it to the table’ ‘gave their A Game’

Debrief took a while because there was much to share.


Chef knows how to make crispy bacon – best pancakes EVER


Chef makes great hamburgers and if you ask for 5 slices of cheese      you get five slices of cheese

Snickerdoodle cookies – need we say more


Chef made HOMEMADE chicken strips, and mac n cheese and        vegan broccoli


Nursing Home:

Our students gave so much joy

For many it was the highlight most memorable moment of the day

The tenderness with which our students served and brought value to those          that are the least or left out was very moving.

In the words of Flow and Dottie: ‘I’m glad I picked him’ (talking about the           student that actually picked her to help)   ‘Look at these three boys, they are           the best’ (constantly giving us the thumbs up – having the best time)


Work Project:

Job Foreman couldn’t believe our students willingness to work hard, work           longer and do more than he asked them to do.  He was bragging on 7th graders      and how impressive they were as a team.


Meditation Mountain:

First prayer walking experience going up the side of the hill where the work           project was and praying.

Fun Times in the Van Rides:

I love it when our students enjoy each other’s company.  This class watches out for each other, includes each other, laughs together.  What fun they have been and what stories they have told.  Don’t worry parents, we don’t believe them (just kiddin)

Prayer Walking Marble Falls Trail of Lights: For many this was a memorable moment.  Many said they had never done anything like it and it made them feel closer to God.

In prayer walking we are trying to teach the students

  • to be aware of their surroundings, the situation that they might be in
  • could there be something right there in front of them that they could use the powerful tool of prayer to pray God’s heart for … the least, the last and the left out.
  • You can pray anytime, anywhere for anyone, you don’t have to know them, you just have to tune your heart into God’s heart for them
  • Prayer – takes you there

Starbucks:  A favorite – nuff said

We are so proud of our students, they have been doing their devotionals, embracing every element of the trip, having fun, watching out for each other (most impressive) serving with joy.


Tomorrow morning is prayer wall devotional and our conspiracy project:

  • Each team has $10 per person go towards blessing someone they do not know. Please say a prayer for us as we finalize what we will be doing.
  • We have three teams and 3 hours in the morning to accomplish our task.
  • We are excited and want to be a blessing.
  • We are to bless someone we do not know without them knowing it was us


Our prayer wall devotional:  In the back of our dorm, there is a  short rock wall with many crevices.  Many others before us have put their own pieces of paper in the crevices.  We spent time tonight thinking and praying about what we will write downEach student was given a piece of paper to write down three things

  1. What do I want God to do in my life
  2. What am I praying, for someone else, that God will do in their life?
  3. What am I asking God to give me the courage to do?


Will you pray for us?  That we will express what is truly in our hearts on our pieces of paper.  No one will read them they are personal between us and God.

We will be back at the campus tomorrow at 1ish.  The theater and choir students are expected at the dress rehearsal.

If your student isn’t in choir or theater you have two options

  1. Pick your student up when we return – we will email when we are 20 minutes out
  2. Pick your student up at the regular pick up time – we will have a place for them to hang out until you come


Thank you to Jake Shackelford and Amy Smith.  They are great leaders and the kids were fantastic with them as I went back to the school today for the tech rehearsal.

Thank you PARENTS, for allowing your student to come on this trip.  I pray that it was a fun and impactful time for them. I pray that they will take the new things they learned and continue to grow in their understanding of God’s great love for them and the challenge we are all given to take that love to others, to serve them and to introduce them to a Savior that loves them with an eternal love.


See you soon

Mrs. g






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Bethlehem Bread and other Thoughts

We made it to Burnet and got in line, knowing we had an hour and fifteen minutes to wait before the gates to Bethlehem would open.  For the few that had been there before, it was hard to help the newbies understand just how worth the wait it is… especially… the  bread. I think one of our small  groups kept exchanging their hoodies and going back hoping to not be recognized… alas, they were caught and encouraged to move on down the Bethelehem road… LOL.  I think 19 pieces for one of the students was the record on this trip.

First Baptist Church of Burnet has really developed an amazing experience for the many hundreds of people that come to experience it.  In debriefing tonight it was very memorable for many to think that was what it was like, the living conditions, the soliders, the crowded town, etc.  Then at the back of the town… under the star… there is the manger and it is serene.  One of the students noticed how the children would be loud and screaming and then go through the gate and then come to the manger and be quiet, then as they moved on out the exit become loud again.

We talked tonight about Jesus the long awaited promise. The reactions of different people to him coming. Those that didn’t see the promise being fulfilled because they had already passed away.  We talked about what waiting can do.. in our own lives:  Build our faith, frustrate us, challenge us, teach us perseverance, build our prayer life.  We’re writing down our responses and they will become prayer points for us tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning  we’ll have breakfast/devotionals and then head to the nursing home where we’ll sing a few carols and do crafts together.  I love the opportunity to bring joy to what can be a mundane life for some of the clients in the nursing home.  Teaching the students to not be afraid and to look the men and women in the eyes and smile and bring value to them is a precious thing.  To remind them that they are loved by their creator.  To pray with them and then to hear their stories.

After lunch we’ll do work project for Eagles Wings and bake cookies to take back to the Church for next weekend’s Town of Bethlehem.   Tomorrow night we’ll prayer walk the Trail of Lights in Marble Falls, asking God to use the simple lights that are set up to remind people of his coming, to reconcile others back to him and to challenge others to find out about this Jesus.  We are already praying about our Tuesday morning project and thinking about creative ways to bless someone without them knowing. We are asking God to give us creative ways to bless encourage and meet a need. Please Lord, use us!

Pray with us that we can be the answer to someone’s prayers.

God, please use us to bless the people you love so dearly.

Until tomorrow! ! !

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