Brrrr! There is no delay at Camp Tejas!

Brrrr!  Our day didn’t start with working outside because it was still windy and just…too…cold!   Soooo… instead of getting to sleep in like our comrades back at Summit… we headed to breakfast and awaited our Plan B for the morning.  I told the girls, “Guess what?”  “What?”  Your fellow students don’t have to go to school until ten.”  “No fair, of course when we’re gone!”  “Right? There is no delay at Camp Tejas!”  LOL  but not really!  ha!

We headed to the warehouse where tubs of thousands of lights and decorations, hundreds of extension cords and Christmas trees and more are stored for the year.  Two large Uhaul truck loads and our mighty little team got almost everything in the warehouse placed all around the Tejas campus staged for the next team of 100 people to come in and finish putting up the lights and the decorations.  After lunch it was a little warmer and the teams worked on the tunnel again… They had to take many warm up breaks because it was very chilly but a couple of the teams want to see it finished!   The hot tea in the cafeteria and the hot cocoa in ‘The Hub’ helped to warm them up!

The giant swing was offered to the kids at 4 and of course they took advantage of that.  Then they wanted to go swing in the giant wooden swing. It is their favorite in between time activity.  They promised it wasn’t too cold to swing in the swing… so we all had to agree, if it’s not too cold to swing, then it wasn’t too cold to string lights… aha!  They agreed, they just wish it wasn’t soo cold.  Many didn’t bring gloves and hadn’t been taking me up on the glove offer… no more no’s they have to use my gloves.  Today, no was not accepted.   What they have done looks amazing!  If the weather cooperates they just might finish tomorow….with some swinging breaks and hot tea and coco breaks!  Regardless, they have been great workers and a blessing to Tejas!

S’mores! The Firepit!  And a Beautiful Moon 

Tejas has amazing firepits all over the campus and tonight right after dinner we enjoyed s’mores! Ava our cat whisperer was finally successful in getting the two camp barn cats to come to her!  That made for a perfect evening! : D

Devo tonight was  Readjusting to the dark  –  the Shepherds Story    Luke 2

God meets us where we are and still reveals himself to us!  The shepherds have one of the lowliest jobs.  There they are, on the hillside, in the dark and behold… they are told of the Savior and where to find him.  Again… the conversation starts with Do Not Be Afraid.  They go and find the Christ child and then they tell everyone about it… God’s word says ALL they told were amazed… not just some of the people but ALL.  They head back to their job, the same smelly job, but THEY are not the same.  Light has come to their everday job and now they go through their days with hope and wonder that God sent his messengers to them. They encountered Jesus.   Jesus changes how we live and move through our every day lives.  Just as the shepherds did, we can bring that same hope and wonder to others.

How?  As an 8th grader how can I bring hope or change to someone’s life

  • Prayer – pay attention to what is going on around you – we talked through possibilities
    • How we can pray for different things and people at school just by paying attention
    • praying for the people that will be blessed by the outreach we helped set up at Tejas
  • Giving – the different ways we can give to needy, homeless, friends
    • The story of the single mom and  peanut butter, fruit and chips- ask your student and pray together for a creative idea like this one
  • Serving – look for ways to serve other
    • There are needs all around us, we just have to look outside our personal world


I will head back with the luggage  in the mid morning.  If you haven’t heard, our amazing choir teacher, Mrs. Dorsett’s daughter has been diagnosed with leukemia.  Of course her daughter needs her mother with her as her treatments have begun. I am going in to cover her music rehearsals for the 20/20 Vision Night this Thursday.    Please pray for Mrs Dorsett and their family. I know there are many ways to support and help them.  There have been emails and social media posts with ways to help.

Mr. Shackelford and Mrs. Longanecker will finish our the day with the students and they are amazing leaders. They will have the students back at the campus by 3:40.   I will have their luggage already with me in my car and they’ll be able to get it when they return.

Thank you so much for allowing your students to come on this trip.  Impact trips aren’t about going places and just doing chores for people.  They are about learning to have a heart that recognizes a need and then answering that need with a willing heart.  We learn how to work with others and prefer one another.  We learn how to be a blessing.  We learn we can do much more than we realized we are capable of doing.  We also realize… we don’t have to look at a screen constantly to have fun and to do things of value!  We have had fun and I believe they had bonded more as a class.  They have represented you as parents and Summit very well!  They are constantly being complimented for helping the Camp get ready for Lights of Tejas!

BY THE WAY…  If you haven’t signed up to go to Vision 20/20 this coming Thursay night! PLEASE  SIGN UP!  I believe you will find it to be exciting what God has in store for Summit’s future!  I know I am!

mrs. g


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