People will take notice … and when they do … you can tell your story!


This group of students … Oh.  My.. Word! They are rockin’ the lights! ! !   I’ve been leading teams of 8th graders for years, hanging lights on the tunnel.  It’s not an easy job… it’s meticulous!

Many redos!

  • the lights are too loose, go back to that strand and tighten them
  • you missed a caribeaner, take them off back to this strand
  • the light strand broke, it has to be replaced, sorry
  • three strands back, you didn’t tie it off  correctly we’ve got to take all of these off and go back to the mistake

This small mighty class has had only 2-3 redos… they are catching their mistakes immediately, they are working fast with excellence.

When we got about half of the tunnel done, the cold front blew in, and when I say, blew in…  It came with a fury…  There was light misting so we put all the rest of the boxes still to be hung under the cabin porch…  then it stopped… then all of a sudden the wind… and leaves were blowing everywhere… (think Wizard of Oz with no tornado)  more rain…  there was laughing, yelling, running to the cabin porches near the tunnel.  It was obvious it wasn’t going to give another break so we sent the kids back into the warm dining hall and the leaders picked up all of the empty light boxes, and cardboard pieces.  The wind was too hard to go back out to hang the lights. We were done with the tunnel for the day.  That was so frustrating for the kids because once you get started, you are DETERMINED to finish.


Camp Tejas tried to find other jobs but they didn’t have the inside jobs ready for us.  Sooooo…  We went to the Hub (smoothie/gift shop) and the Lounge (board game/comfy chairs/visiting room) and played cards, scrabble, shopped until dinner.

Dinner and then Devos

Advent #2 –  Seeing in the Night

The angels came to Mary, Joseph and the Shepherds, telling them all “Do not be afraid”  He had good news for them to hear.  We too can be messengers of good news. We can be encouragers, comforters.  When we have ‘the light’ ,  the presence of Jesus within us we can be the messenger someone needs.  We talked about times when we were nervous, scared, confused, etc.   Moving to a new school, a new state, a new class, making new friends, new job, new situation in our life that was hard.  We all needed encouragement during those times.  We talked about how we could be that person, someone else is needing to hear encouragement from.  We talked about allowing the Holy Spirit to give us courage to do something out of our comfort zone that would end up blessing someone else… being a messenger of hope, kindness, blessing. We encouraged again, how you talk to each other… pay attention. Have fun, but speak life.

Debrief the day.  We go around the circle and each gets to tell one fun thing, and one thing that they realized that was meaningful about Camp Tejas and their outreach,  hanging the lights,  the people here, etc.

Here are some of the remarks.

For the Fun:   The Swing was at the top of the list… here are some of the reasons listed

When we took a break and got in the big swing… it was so cool, I felt like we bonded more as a class ~  we got to know each other better ~  I learned things about my classmates I didn’t know ~ it was fun hanging out with classmates that we don’t usually hang out with ~  It was funny watching the others on the swing

Dominoes: Dominoes… I won,  I liked beating Mr Shackelford in dominoes, that was fun ~   I liked watching Ava beat Mr. Shackelford in dominoes ~  You did not beat me in dominoes (Shackelford) LOL

Meaningful:   I like that we’re helping preach the gospel through lights ~ So many people stopped and thanked us for coming and helping with hanging the lights ~ People were so grateful ~  Even in the dinner line the servers thanked us ~  People were really happy we were doing it for them ~ We get to help people find God.

Please pray that tomorrow they’ll be able to come up with indoor work and that it will warm up and the wind will go away so we can finish the tunnel. That being said, we will be safe and do whatever they have for us ,knowing we are part of a bigger plan.

Isn’t that what the Christian perspective should be?  Being able to see, whatever God has in front of us to participate in, is a part of a bigger plan…. to know him, to glorify him in all we do and to make him known.

Before we went to our cabins we needed just a little more fun!  We headed to the game room and watched the fiercest game of carpet ball (?)  Gavin aka ‘lil Windex’   was wipin’ everybody clean!

Challenge FOR US ALL : Be a messenger of hope, kindness , gentleness, grace,   People will take notice and when they do, they will ask you, “What makes you like that?”  Then,  you can tell them how HIS story (the gospel) has changed YOUR story.  


mrs g





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