Light & Darkness – Good?

Soon Advent will be celebrated and on this 8th grade trip we will sometimes use advent devotionals to help us get in the mindset for the work we will do here at Camp Tejas. The tress and poles we will we will wrap, hand and string with lights will all be used with the ultimate goal of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ during their ‘Lights of Tejas’ outreach.

Our Advent devotional challenges us to look and light and especially dark in maybe a different way.  Many times we think of the darkness as ONLY wrong, bad, evil, etc.  But God gave us darkness too, and called it good.

God surrounds us in both light and darkness. In the light, like the sun, we can see the beauty he created, we can see what we’re doing, we can get a different perspective, we can grow.    But with a dark night sky, we can also see beauty, the incredible heavens He created, and then in the darkness God gives us rest from all the worries of the day. In dark places, a seed grows and then comes forth in the light as beautiful plant, life giving food…   both are needed.

John 1:1-5

Jesus is called the light –   and in that description He brings us hope and goodness in the dark and in the light..

Our Challenge: May we be light for people who need to see hope in this world. May we be like cozy darkness for those who need a safe place to rest.  May we bring light – words of life, peace, acceptance and may we be a place of acceptance, safety, rest for those that need a break.

Good and bad happen in the light……  Good and bad happen in the dark …

Our prayer is that we will allow Jesus to be a light at all times in our lives … and especially in this Christmas Season we need to think about … what are we doing with the Story of Jesus … Camp Tejas is using lights … at night … to tell the Good news of Jesus … the Savior … his coming …

What are we going to do with His Story?  Invite someone to a special Christmas Church service? send a note of encouragement? make a gift? help someone get a chore done, run an errand? visit the elderly? share the story of Christmas?  Invite a friend to a meal? Give up a Christmas gift off your list and give it to someone that might not be getting anything?  _____________________________________________?  fill in the blank

We’ve had a lot of fun already – the gaga pit, the tube slide, dinner, the game room  and especially new to this group of kids… Pass the Pigs …  fuuuuuuny!

Tomorrow, we will serve Tejas AND each other!  We will pray for the people coming to the outreach.  We will pray for resources for Camp Tejas, it cost to put this amazing outreach together, it takes many volunteers to make it happen. We will pray for those that we know that are sick, we will pray for those that have never heard the gospel… we will pray that God’s light will shine…  in the day and in the night!

We will have fun… Serving… Is… FUN!

mrs. g



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