Done … But Days Away From the Next Adventure!

It is hard to believe today was the last full day of our trip.

I believe most of us are going to miss Haarlem the most. During our last debrief Adam shared how he liked how peaceful Haarlem seemed and how much he enjoyed being here.  So different from London. The whole class agreed, I think, and has really enjoyed Haarlem and the quiet easy going charm around the central town square. The shops, the relaxed atmosphere around every meal, the bicycles.  Ohhh the bicycles! We had to learn to stay off the bicycle right of ways, but oh I think we shall miss the bicycles! Some tried sushi for the first time; some will never try it again. We’re hungry for chips and queso, iced tea, real crispy bacon, root beer, oatmeal, good coffee, cereal,  colas or bottled water that don’t cost as much as a meal.

This morning most of the class got up and headed into town two hours earlier for one last morning of shopping.  Then we all met at the train station to head back into Amsterdam for an afternoon of artistic culture. Today was Rijksmuseum (think Rembrandt) and Vincent Van Gogh Museum day!  The Rembrandt painting Night Watch is amazing in detail but I had no idea it was 12.41 feet wide x 11.5 feet tall.  Seriously how do you keep perspective on a painting that large!  Johannes Vermeer’s Milkmaid reminded me of the first time I saw the Mona Lisa. Had no idea it was that small!

It was so sweet to hear Kira talk about how she wanted to cry the whole time she was walking around the Van Gogh Museum.  It was a dream of hers to be able to see his work first hand.

I pray we will never forget the things we saw and the experiences we shared.  We laughed sometimes until we could hardly breathe. We shared extremely sobering moments! We were challenged by the lives of those whose heroic exploits saved many and by those whose lives were extinguished because of their lineage. I also pray that Corrie’s and Anne’s stories will become so interwoven into ours what if or when each of us are faced with difficult decisions, we will have courage to do the right thing; to honor those created in God’s image, to give to those in need, to stand which we’re the only ones standing, to do all in our power to do to help those at risk, to love graciously and extend grace which we each need ourselves every day.

We’ll see you soon. Parents, thank you again for allowing your students to come on this trip! For those parents whose students stayed home and served, thank you for allowing Summit to partner with you and your child’s education and spiritual growth. They were rockstars these past 11 days as well. Can’t wait to see them on Monday! or… at Prom on Saturday night!   What a pleasure this has been for the last year, 2 years, 6 years and for some 14 years (have taught some in this senior class since they were in Pre-K)

This senior class of 2019 is amazing.  I love them all dearly.  I am NOT looking forward to graduation day! However, I am gonna be there cheering them on to their next adventure!

So we’re done here … but just days away from beginning their next great adventure!

Mrs. G


~ Be blessed and highly flavored … BE the salt of the earth!     mz g


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