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e pluribus unum

carters office

The 11th grade class – Congressman Carter’s Office

Out of many, one! In the Capitol’s visitor center there is a film called just that … Out of many, one! Such a powerful motto of the U.S. and an amazing film explaining the hope of those in the beginning years of forming this nation. Really sets the tone for the Capitol tour and to remind you how important it is be become a person of prayer for our nation, our state, our town, our school, our family, etc.

Our tour of Mount Vernon yesterday was wonderful and last night we visited the monuments on the Mall from dusk to ‘late’ thirty (as my dad used to say). The students had been assigned different monuments or places of interest that we would be visiting and shared at each site. With each sharing comes the richer understanding of what a great nation we live in, and inspires us to become that next beacon of hope or hand of compassion to those that are in need.

Friday afternoon the whole team visited the American Museum and then split into two groups to go to the African American Museum and the Natural History Museum.

Tomorrow morning we will prayer walk the embassies the students were assigned. We will be praying for their leaders, for freedom of religions, for those imprisoned for their beliefs, for refugees, for education, for women’s rights, for children’s rights, for foreign relations, for peace, for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to bring peace, hope, faith and reconciliation.

1 Timothy 2: 1-6

We will be home tomorrow afternoon.

Thank you for praying,

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