Praying on sight – With insight

Saturday in D.C.

We had a late start this morning, which was really nice for all of us.  We gave time for most of the crowds get to their rally area before we headed in to the Smithsonian’s.

We all started at the American History Museum and stayed there for a couple of hours then we divided up into 3 teams and spent the next 2.5 hours at the Air and Space, Natural History and African American History Museums.

Everyone really enjoyed not having to rush too much. We ended the evening at the Cheesecake Factory!

Tomorrow we are going to start our morning off with a Sunday devotional and then head to Embassy Row to prayer walk. Next we will come back and debrief the Smithsonian visits and the prayer walking.

In the afternoon we are heading to the War memorials. Monday morning we will visit Arlington Cemetery!   At least, that’s the plan for now!


Prayer Walking – What is it?  

This is a tool I learned years ago on a prayer training trip to Argentina. It changed my prayer life and has been a tool I try to impart to our students to use in their life. We used a book by El Silvoso  and Prayer-Walking by Steve Hawthorne  Graham Kendrick

How does it help?   4 ways

Thaws the ice – most people don’t know what to do, and pray walking provides a quiet way to help people. You just may be the answer to someone’s prayer. Continuous prayer can warm the spiritual atmosphere. Hearts are opened by prayer and that leads the doors opening for God to touch their lives

Overcome fear – we are all concerned about our cities, states and our nation, yet we don’t know where to start. Prayer walking provides a way for us to connect with those people and issues we are passionate about

Content with Evil – Eph 6 – prayer is a mighty tool we are given to help fight the fight against our adversary, Satan. Our prayers agree with the heart of God for his people and his world. We battle against spiritual darkness when we pray for others.

Progress in Prayer – I think we would all desire to pray more. Prayer is hard work, but if we push through, it can become a natural part of our lives. You will find yourself praying for people going down the hall, the sidewalk, the person sitting in the car next to you at the light.


Already I have had a few students tell me that they find themselves praying for people that they wouldn’t have done before learning how to incorporate this kind of prayer into their lives.

Walking While Praying:

  • Directed, prayer – praying for others
  • Intentional prayer – expecting the prayers to be answered
  • Responsive prayer – we observe our surroundings and sometimes this allows us to naturally see something we can add to the prayer time
  • Research for prayer – we may do research ahead of time (the students have been researching different countries they have been assigned, giving them specifics to pray for the people of that nation)
  • Revealed insight – praying scriptures while we walk can then open our hearts for the Holy Spirit to prompt us with other prayer points for that person, event, country, etc.
  • Prayer walking is spiritual battle. Let’s face it, praying can be very difficult. We might feel inadequate. Prayer requires patience. We want to see immediate results from our efforts but we must not give up.
  • Prayer walking is literally just that. Walking a specific trail, path area you feel led to pray over, and pray while you walk


Prayer walking requires preparation.

  1. Our hearts need to be prepared
  2. Our minds need to be focused
  3. We need to seek God – listen for promptings from the Holy Spirit
  4. Do it – open our mouths and pray
  5. Pray with others – agree in prayer for God’s heart for a people, event, nation
  6. Pray with scripture – spend time looking for scripture that fit’s the situation
  7. Pray with sensitivity – about the people and places you are focusing on
  8. Report – come back together and share and pray and learn from each other.


Ways to prayer walk

Alone                               Groups

Family                              Places of work

Parks                                Schools

Churches                          Sites of tragedy

Government places


If you have never tried prayer walking, I hope you will give it a try. If you are already familiar with it, I encourage you to join with us and prayer walk a place where you feel led to spend time in prayer.


Embassy Row is on Massachusetts Avenue,  New Hampshire Avenue and International Blvd

Embassies are side by side. The students are divided into 4 teams that will just walk up the sidewalks and pray for those countries. They will be praying specific prayer points that they have researched these past months. We will not be stopping and making a spectacle, in fact we should just look like a small group of students and their leader taking a walk. But we will be partnering with the heart of God for his people all over the world, to have the freedom to worship, to live in peace, for education, for human trafficking to be stopped, etc. etc.


Till tomorrow night!

Mrs. G



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