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Today we learned some new ‘truths’ about our nation’s capital building. Our 2 tour guides, Michelle and Blaine from Congressman Carter’s office were wonderful.  We got the best tour we’ve ever had for this eleventh grade trip.  We had the privilege of going down halls and up stairs that the normal visitor’s center tour guides can’t take you on.  Blaine is a fact finder and loves to share the story behind the facts. We learned stories of intrigue, jealousy, secrets and murder on the marble steps. It was also really cool when he realized we were from a Christian School so when he shared the information on 4 of the large paintings in the Rotunda, he said, “People want to say this nation wasn’t founded on Christian principles but these pictures tell us a different story.” He went on to describe what it was in each picture that showed Christianity was all wrapped up in forming this nation from the very beginning.

After lunch we headed to the Holocaust museum.

The students really took their time and read, watched and listened to the tragic testimonies of the atrocities Hitler successfully carried out against the Jewish nation, the handicapped and anyone that didn’t fit in his ‘perfect race’.

It is a very sobering thing to be a witness 79 years later and wonder how Hitler could have gotten away with annihilating so many millions of people.

Just some of the statements made during debrief:

  • it’s mind blowing how powerful the devil can be – people can go so far when Jesus isn’t in their life –  my own life – if I stop doing things that are bringing me closer to God  – if I would turn away from the Lord –   how could people think they are doing something okay – mind boggling
  • It is sad that so many people died because one mad man hated them all – how could so many of the Germans not have a conscious
  • I loved the story about the Danish fishermen and how they helped the Jewish community escape and survive the brutality of the Nazi’s.

Some of the students are getting braver about prayer and asking people if we can pray for them. Or, they are being led to silently pray for people in the metro or as we are riding down the escalator. Today we asked our guides, and a woman on the metro what we could specifically pray for them when we debriefed tonight. The lady on the metro was taken back. She was so blessed. Each one of them gave us things to pray.  I will tell you, if our students will daily meditate on His word, continue to learn to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, develop a lifestyle of prayer using this magnificent tool God has given us to communicate and worship him with, they will be:

  • young adults that will trust in God not their own wisdom (Prov. 3:5-6)
  • the answer to someone’s prayer
  • a believer that walks in the full armor of God, confident in who they are in Him

My amazing Co-Leaders also share in our debriefs – the bottom line of their thoughts:

  1. When the heart is not submitted to God – man will do what is right in his own mind, Judges 17:6
  2. If you don’t have truth – you can be swayed all kinds of ways 2 Tim 4:3
  3. Make sure you know the truth 2 Tim 2:15
  4. Know when something else besides truth is being preached Hebrews 4:12
  5. Be a voice that stands for righteousness – Proverbs 31:8-9


Pray for all of us, that everything we experience will just draw us closer to Jesus Christ. Please pray that our desires will not be to build ourselves up, but to become like Christ who is the greatest servant of all. Pray that we will continue to be courageous in our faith, knowing, we KNOW the answer … his name is Jesus!


until tomorrow

mrs. g


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