A Lasting Impression

A Lasting Impression

The only limit to the impact we will each have on others … I believe … is us!

We were reminded over and over today of how the character of the man George Washington still impacts our lives today.  Touring the beautiful Mount Vernon it was amazing to think, I am walking where the first President of the United States invented, worked, entertained and lived. 

Here’s some highlights from our evening debrief. (where each person talks about the events of the past two days and how it impacted them)

·       The snowball fight was fun – but also really cool that we prayed with the students from the boarding school

·       I loved hearing my classmates pray and hear their heart

·       Loved how they didn’t hide the facts about the slaves and spoke truth about the situation and didn’t try to cover it up. 

·       The snowball fight – it was simplicity at its best – we need more of it – we are too inundated with social media, etc. This was just simple fun

·       It was powerful when we prayed at the Washington Monument – I am excited to see what else is going to happen this week

·       When we were praying with the group after we had fun at the snowball fight-  the way that Mrs g prayed was also really good   our reputations as believers is really important –   next time a Christian comes  – along they might be even more receptive

·       We should realize technology doesn’t define us – we still are fighting the same battles today –  it’s the war against flesh –  evil –  still have to battle to have marriages that last – and  kids that grow up to learn to love the Lord – to keep our eyes on Christ

·       I loved Johnny’s prayer at the slave memorial – praying for people being set free – we can walk around carrying pain inside of us – or we can allow God to help us –  the slave’s faith gave them hope in the midst of their enslavement


Sharing and debriefing our day, the fun and the impactful moments, is as important as the experience of the day itself. It helps us each see and hear how others on the team are processing what they have seen and gives us each a new perspective we might not have seen. It also gives the students the safe place to share their thoughts, many of them deep and not be laughed at, but have their classmates agree and be challenged themselves.


Tomorrow we tour our Nation’s Capital and the Holocaust Museum. Please pray for our students.  They were challenged to open their hearts to the experience, to allow the Holy Spirit to really penetrate deep and be even more aware of what they were seeing and hearing and to not be afraid to allow it to change them. To become more Christ-like – a radical servant that glorifies God.


Until tomorrow!

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