it. was. EPIC!

Epic First Day

What a fun way to start your 11th grade Impact trip – landing during a light snow storm. It was beautiful.

We got to the hotel, and dressed for an afternoon on the National Mall after we headed to Panera to grab our fuel (lunch) for the epic snow ball fight we didn’t know we’d be in.

We always like start off getting a picture of the team with the capital in the background.  As we were walking past groups of people in the center of the mall, building snowmen and throwing snowballs, I had an idea. When we finished taking our picture and I told the kids. “Okay, here’s what you’re going to do.  Everyone is going to make 3 or 4 snowballs, get in a group, we (adults) will be standing over there on the sidelines, and when I drop my arm, you run towards that group of people, yelling, ready to start a snowball fight.”  I could tell they were a little apprehensive but they went ahead.   I dropped my arm, and they kind of apologetically started running and hardly yelling. The other group saw them and got excited and yelled and ran towards our kids.  That got our kids quickly into the ‘game’ and they yelled louder and ran harder and began pelting the other side.  IT WAS EPIC.  It lasted for a while. Channel 4 was there and filmed it. Who knows if it makes the nightly news, but it was SO FUN!

  Finally, it was time that we headed towards the Washington Monument to start our praying for the nation. We called our team over.  One of the adults of the ‘other side’ came over and thanked us for letting them ‘play’.  As we walked away, the other group made more snowballs and started yelling and running after our kids … so funny. After another quick round, I stopped both groups and asked where they were from, then we introduced ourselves.  We asked if it was okay if we prayed for them, the leader was a little hesitant but the young people were from a boarding school and the girls, were like, “yes… yeah… sure!”  So, right there, on the sidewalk on the National Mall, we prayed for them, for their purpose, for our student’s purpose, for our nation and our leaders.  It was pretty cool. 

We headed to the monument and broke into our prayer teams and prayed

·       The week

·       Our leaders

·       Safety

·       We would experience all God has for us

·       We would continue to had epic surprise experiences

·       Whatever else the other teams prayed

 We got back on the metro and headed over to the White House.  It looked so beautiful as the sun was going down and snow everywhere.  We got a few pictures, then we gathered in the park in the front and one of our students prayed for our nation’s leadership.

 It’s been a long day so we headed back to the hotel, a quick run to Safeway for snacks, and heading to bed for an early day tomorrow.




At 6:45 in the morning we head out bright and early to ride the cruise boat on the Potomac to Mount Vernon. This is where we will tour his home, his farm, the slave houses, the tombs, watch a video about George Washington and the fight for liberty. This can be such an impactful time. You see what a statesman George was. His resolve to stand for liberty all the while being a man that owned slaves. What a contrast.  A man leading the fight for freedom all the while seemingly having no problem with owning people himself.   We usually have great evening debriefing after the day.  


This is a great group of kids. I so love them.  We miss our home team … Elizabeth and Vy … Christian, get well, we are praying for you!


Pray that your student and the others become aware and sensitive to the Holy Spirit leading them to pray for things, events and people that God lays upon their hears.  As we ride the metro, stand in lines, ride boats, etc. we have unique opportunities to tell others who we are and why we are here. In Bible class, Coach Taylor and I have been encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone with just a ,”God bless you”  and then when that gets comfortable and a conversation ensues, “Is there something our team could pray for you tonight?”  Or just being sensitive as we learn to pray on-sight with insight, God will impress upon their hearts things to pray. It might be for people or situations they see. Sometimes watching a film, or walking through a museum, they are impressed with information they learn and realize. We need more people like that in leadership. That becomes a prayer point.  Or, that was a horrible time in history, and it impresses them to pray for those still suffering from that event or action.

 Till tomorrow night!

 mrs. g

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