Prepare Now!

Iceland Trip-123 Elly


Prepare Now!

Tonight’s debrief is where we challenge our seniors to be thinking NOW  how they will face their upcoming first year of college – first year out of high school moments.

Mom and dad aren’t around maybe. No one knows if I REALLY am doing my homework or where I am at this moment. I am invited to a party/function that I know deep down is not a good decision. . .  the list goes on and on.

Prepare now. How are you going to answer? Who are you going to trust to keep you accountable? What are you going to do with your relationship with Jesus?

Begin praying now and setting your mind to your plan. Have your responses settled in your heart now!

Have strong accountability.  Of ALL AGES!

Live a life that matters. Matthew 5:17  “let your light shine before all men that they may see your good deeds and praise the father in heaven”

Live with Passion – Have fun – but not at the expense of regrets – being a Christ follower doesn’t mean the fun is missing.  It means your fun won’t make you wake up with regrets

Live with Purpose  –   find your small group/ church / right off the bat.  Keep searching till you find the one that challenges you and helps you grow

Live a live of Service –  don’t stop serving –  in this world of “me”

Live a life of Humility – don’t think so highly of yourself that you don’t reach out for help, reach to help others, reach to the one that deserves your praise

Our amazing JE guide Daniel shared with the students and their amazing HR teacher Ms. Smith shared. They both challenged them – you need to really think on these things now and have a plan for every one of these areas. Choosing your friends is crucial. Finding those people that are going to spur you on to a deeper relationship with Christ.  If you’re too busy to spend time in God’s Word, listening, meditating and then responding … then you’re too busy.  Reorder your life.

Let’s pray John 10:10 for our students “I came so that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”


Continue to pray for

  • Pastor Gunnar and his ministry in Reykjavik – and his upcoming church plant in Akureyri
  • The hired pastors for Iceland’s registered churches
  • Pastor Gunnar’s children and their needs Oldest son with leukemia, Middle daughter with continued health, Youngest son with special needs
  • Daniel (J E Guide) has many trips following our until June. Pray for strength, great teams.  He knows how to give devotionals and this is sooooo important. Pray that God continues to give him fresh words to share, words that will penetrate even the toughest hearts.
  • God to bless Elly our driver tour guide and her family
  • Our Seniors – much to do for the next 45 days  –  and beyond
    • God will protect their hearts and mind
    • They will choose to grow in their relationship with Christ
    • They will have solid Christ followers as friends
    • They Live a life of purpose –  unashamed!






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