He Never Fails!

The Blue Lagoon +
The Northern Lights +
A Mud Facial
Clearly God loves this Senior Class

This morning the students turned in their lists of prayer points God had given them to pray for Iceland and Gunnar’s church and church plant.  I loved seeing those papers completely filled out.

I know people have in mind what missions should look like.  But our goal at Summit is to impart into our students to be ‘on’ mission 24/7.  That looks different on every one of us.

Our students ministered to our driver by how they treated each other. How respectful they were.  How thankful they were.  I had breakfast with her the last morning and it was part of our conversation.   I knew God was blessing her through our students.

That’s 1 Cor 3: 5-9

Our students were impacted by this trip.  This trip is about them and God’s plans for them.  What He wants them to see about him.

Prayer walking in the freezing cold rain … sitting at the feet of a man that God has set aside to shake up Iceland for his kingdom… a man that they can relate to … you can’t set that up… God sets that up!

After a day of whale watching … we did see 4+ whales the last one was close to the boat… amazing!

We grabbed a quick sandwich and headed to the Blue Lagoon. As we were checking in the young man said , “Pray the clouds will clear and you will be able to see the Northern Lights while you are here! ” Amen … we thought our chances would be slim because the 3 other nights we’d seem them it was after 10:45p and we were leaving at 10. We were all together enjoying the hot springs. And noticed it was time to get out. As we were leaving Daniel asked “Look up there, is that the lights?” OH. MY. WORD. clearer than Tues night.
The students were saying… God is so amazing!
Thank you God. They were bright, long, dancing. It was spectacular.
No one had a camera because we were in the water… I think that’s what made it even more spectacular. It’s kind of one of those … ponder it in your heart… silently be in awe … let your heart be filled with thanks to God who gives those things money can’t buy.
We glorify Him tonight because He is great and He does great things
Thank you God for reaching down one more time and showing this class… Your majesty … Your splendour… They are in awe


Heading home tomorrow. Prayers for safe flights!

They are already planning a reunion trip.

Our ❤’s are full

Mrs g


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