 66°

  • Iceland Trip-120Thursday morning

We will spend most of our day driving back to Reykjavik  – on to the turf houses and church

  • 66° =  the Arctic Circle

We came very, very, very close to that 66° … so Ellẏ says … “it counts”

So ….   It Counts!

  • Turf Houses

Oh my goodness!  These are amazing.  I teach about these in elementary and to see them in person is just a dream come true. So creative.  People were still living in them until 1958 and all moved but one man that stayed on 2 more years.

The history behind them is about being resourceful because they had depleted their forests. But as they began to make stone houses, they felt ashamed and tore many down.  Thank goodness, for historical preservation someone had the mind to save this group and keep them up.

The church is different in the front and the back are wooden.  The wood in the church is over 400 years old, but it is made from driftwood and as it washed ashore, it took 2 years to dry.  Because the wood was full of salt water, it made it strong and preserved it in a way. We sat inside as a gentleman that lived in the house next door gave us the brief history.

  • Goodbye to Ellẏ

We were blessed with the best driver and tour guide.  She was so conscientious  about our time, our safety … everything. We had to say goodbye to her. Clark drew the picture on the homemade card and we all signed it. I was very proud of the team as they took their time to bless her with kind words. She told us she really enjoyed us (I think we’re her best group EVER) 😀  lol… I’m a little partial, but, hey!

  • Lamb Stew

When we left Hotel Laxnes (where we are now) on Tuesday morning to head up north, we told the front desk manager, we were disappointed there hadn’t been Lamb stew!  He promised and when we pulled up, you could smell it!  Oh. My. Goodness!  It smells delicious!

  • Down Time

We are starting our relaxing evening (I’m sure the guys will eventually cross the driveway to KFC) and at some point we will debrief again all that we’ve seen and thought and talk through our prayer time last night.

5:51pm Iceland Time


Mrs. G

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