Peace – Praise – Prayer

What a day

Godafloss falls – Falls of the gods     The Craters     Geothermal Hot Springs       Hell (it’s a path through an intense black rock field- it’s the English name they call it) you can actually get lost in there, our guide had to go with us so we could take a quick tour and not get lost.

sooooo we’ve actually been to h*ll and back … and… it was frozen over …  no offense… just a little play on words!

We’ve been in …..  SNOW …. LOTS OF SNOW ! ! !   Beautiful sparkling snow in the sunshine… then MORE SNOW!

I am reminded of the psalmists and King David and the psalms they wrote, and their awe and reverence and trust in God in every situation.  Every time we make another stop to see a natural waterfall, geothermal energy location, unique lava rock formations or just driving from destination to destination between unique landscapes, your heart can’t help but be in awe of our incredible creator God. I just don’t know how one could not help but declare who God is in that moment/situation! There is a peace, a feeling of something larger than yourself. You want to stay there. (Yesterday I think we all could have just stayed at the Lava falls … for a long time)

A very dear older and much wiser friend, just a few months ago shared what I believe to be an amazing truth that I just had not thought about. I was telling her, “ Every time I go out to our property and just sit among the trees and listen to the birds, the creek running, I feel that my soul heals, my mind is refreshed and I can refocus and fix my eyes just on Jesus.”  She replied, “Oh honey, you know why? That’s because there is no sin in nature.  That’s why you can sit in it and allow the God that is glorified in His creation to touch you, restore you, speak to you and set your soul at peace.”   I believe that’s true.

Over and over on this trip, I feel like we as a team have been ‘in’ that situation.  We are surrounded by an unusual beauty that human hands did not form, but human hearts can  not help but be drawn to the creator of that beauty.

Your heart can find peace …

  • In the roar of the water rushing over the edge and landing forcefully in the pool below
  • In the silence of the newly fallen snow, sitting on the bench overlooking a huge frozen lake and a field of craters completely covered in white, helping you to imagine … this is what the moon must look like
  • In the stench of the hot springs there is beauty and awe in knowing that God in his knowledge and power gave this … as a means to bless others
  • In the icy waters where ducks and seals and more ‘find their home’
  • In the snow gently falling we are reminded, HE is able to wash our sins away and make us ‘white as snow’
  • I am praying for each of the students, for all of us. That even though we get tired, things are confusing, strife fills our life … our hearts will rest in Him.


As we are back at the hotel with a short break before we go and start our prayer walking of the city.  I am very excited to be able to do this.  Prayer walking is such an amazing tool. If you have never heard of it or done it I want to encourage you.  It is powerful and I know it works.

  • Walk down the streets praying for the people in the business and homes to come to know the Lord, or if they know him to have the courage to live their lives in a way that others are drawn to Jesus
  • Pray for business owners that they would know God, come to know him – honor God in their business practices
  • Pray for  schools, for safety, for believers to be the light to those that don’t know the gospel
  • Pray in the workplace – as you walk down the hall, to another office, to lunch – pray for your co-workers, bosses, office interactions. Pray that you will have the opportunity to share your testimony or pray for a friend or co-worker.

How does it help?   4 ways

Thaws the ice –  most people don’t know what to do, and pray walking provides a quiet way to help people. You just may be the answer to someone’s prayer. Continuous prayer can warm the spiritual atmosphere. Hearts are opened by prayer and that leads the doors opening for God to touch their lives

Helps You to Overcome fear – we are all concerned about our cities, states and our nation, yet we don’t know where to start. Prayer walking provides a way for us to connect with those people and issues we are passionate about

Contends with Evil – Eph. 6 –  prayer is a mighty tool we are given to help fight the fight against our adversary, Satan. Our prayers agree with the heart of God for His people and His world. We battle against spiritual darkness when we pray for others.

Progress in Prayer – I think we would all desire to pray more. Prayer is hard work, but if we push through, it can become a natural part of our lives. You will find yourself praying for people going down the hall, at the grocery store, sitting in the car next to you at the light. You will make yourself available to God to be used in incredible ways.

I tell the students.  If you feel drawn to pray, just start praying, if you sense to pray about something  in particular just go with it. Next thing you know you are feeling more and more comfortable praying. It’s up to God whether or not it is answered, and that takes the pressure off. You are just agreeing with the heart of God to draw people to him and to bless them.

Our prayer life should be more than Thank you God or GOD  PLEASE  HELP…..  !

This late afternoon, as we are going to prayer walk, starting at the church and around the center of this city, we are asking God to draw the team that will lead the church plant.

  • The pastor
  • A strong support team
  • Favor in the city
  • Unique opportunities to share the gospel
  • People will be drawn to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • The pastor of the town’s registered church to be a fully committed Christ follower. That if he is not, as he prepares the upcoming messages that his heart will be convicted and God’s word will begin to challenge, mold and save him.

1 Corinthians 3:5-    What, after all, is Apollos? And what is Paul? Only servants, through whom you came to believe – as the Lord has assigned to each his task. I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God who makes things grow. The one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose and they will each be rewarded according to their own labor. For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.

Our job tonight was to help till the hard spiritual ground if you will, to pray for the people here.

I will be finding out tomorrow what each of the teams prayed.  If you are joining us in prayer, please email me or pm me on fb and let me know. We want to encourage Pastor Gunnar with the knowledge the church is praying with him for his nation.

We head back to Reykjavik tomorrow morning. Pray for a safe trip.  We will see the turf houses (I. Am. So. Excited!)  and more.

Please continue to pray for our driver Ellẏ.  Before we end our time with her we want the privilege of praying for her.

We will be doing more praying  and prayer walking for Gunnar, his family, his church / ministry.

Till tomorrow!

Mrs g

I think my heart’s too full …  can’t help it!  These students are amazing and I love what comes from their hearts in debrief and prayer … good stuff!





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