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Do They Understand? Make Sure They Understand!

Today really brought home the ultimate picture of service and sacrifice … the laying down of one’s life!

We started the morning heading to Arlington Cemetery

  • The Wreath Laying Ceremony
  • The Changing of the Guards
  • Audie Murphy tombstone –
  • Memorial for U.S.S. Maine
  • Memorial for Space Shuttle Challenger
  • Memorial for Space Shuttle Columbia
  • Memorial for military lives lost attempting to free hostages in Iran

It was a cold windy morning. But the ceremonies are beautiful, sobering and most of all … impactful.                  2+ miles

After a brief late lunch at the Pentagon City Mall we took an hour break at the hotel and then headed back out for the Memorials on the Mall.

  • WWI
  • WWII
  • Vietnam
  • Memorial – Nurses Memorial for Vietnam
  • Memorial – The Soldiers Overlooking the Vietnam Wall
  • Korean War Memorial
  • Lincoln Memorial

Just for reference – it is 1.6 miles from the Smithsonian Metro to the Lincoln Memorial – add in the stops at the other memorials, then head back to the Metro to head to the hotel … 3.5+ miles

One of my students was going to ride with me over to the Vietnam Memorial which was a special thing for her to be able to do because of her grandfather’s participation in the Vietnam War.  We didn’t think it wise for her to walk in the cold wind so we met the team there.  It was a very special moment for her and I rode back with her and handed her off to Mrs. Castello. As I rode back to meet the team at the Korean Memorial, the taxi driver asked me what we were doing in D.C.  I got to share briefly with him that we came to D.C. to pray for our Nation and get a bigger picture of service and sacrifice. He thought that was amazing. I told him God’s word tells us to pray for those in authority over us so we can live in peace. I shared that we pray that those in every capacity that have the ability to made decisions to sway those that make decisions would listen to Godly counsel and would vote for what was truly good and right and just instead of voting so they will be reelected.  “That is wonderful! Yes, that is what we need here!”  (I believe he was from Cameroon)  As he stopped his car, he stopped the ticket running for my fare then said to me, “This is very important what you are doing. Do these students understand how fortunate they are to be living here? Do they know that in most countries no one would have the right to have a protest just down the street from the leader of the country? They could not be able to challenge him or say horrible things about him. They certainly would not be able to walk away without any fear of being punished. there are very few countries where people could do that. They cannot even write bad things or how they disagree with what the leader is doing. Do they understand? Make sure they understand! Make sure they know that people have died so they have the freedom to do that. That is very important”


I told him I believe they understand in part, but I am praying this trip helps them appreciate even more and not take for granted the freedoms they have. To use those freedoms wisely.

I asked him what we could pray for him for.  “For people to want to get along. For people to want peace. For people to be blessed with what their hearts long for”


We can do that.


It was late when we got back and some of the team ordered Pizza and some got McDonald’s down the street. Everyone is packing up for tomorrow.  We start are morning early, debrief today, then prayer walk Embassy Rows followed by heading to the airport.


It has been an amazing trip.  I am glad we all have Tuesday off – The students don’t have to be back to school until Wednesday. We are tired. But we have been blessed with an amazing trip.  A few came on the trip struggling with allergies, etc. and the cold and the allergens up here haven’t helped. But they all have been troopers.


Then, this next weekend we celebrate the greatest gift given to all of us!  The gift of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ … dying on the cross, conquering death – rising again on the 3rd day and offering to each of us who will believe in him and receive him as our Lord and Savior … the gift of Eternal Life.  That beautiful gift that we cannot earn.    ~ The Gospels


Have I told you lately … I love your kid!  (So does Mrs. Castello btw) (Insert heart here)


Mrs. G  and Mrs Castello

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Praying on sight – With insight

Saturday in D.C.

We had a late start this morning, which was really nice for all of us.  We gave time for most of the crowds get to their rally area before we headed in to the Smithsonian’s.

We all started at the American History Museum and stayed there for a couple of hours then we divided up into 3 teams and spent the next 2.5 hours at the Air and Space, Natural History and African American History Museums.

Everyone really enjoyed not having to rush too much. We ended the evening at the Cheesecake Factory!

Tomorrow we are going to start our morning off with a Sunday devotional and then head to Embassy Row to prayer walk. Next we will come back and debrief the Smithsonian visits and the prayer walking.

In the afternoon we are heading to the War memorials. Monday morning we will visit Arlington Cemetery!   At least, that’s the plan for now!


Prayer Walking – What is it?  

This is a tool I learned years ago on a prayer training trip to Argentina. It changed my prayer life and has been a tool I try to impart to our students to use in their life. We used a book by El Silvoso  and Prayer-Walking by Steve Hawthorne  Graham Kendrick

How does it help?   4 ways

Thaws the ice – most people don’t know what to do, and pray walking provides a quiet way to help people. You just may be the answer to someone’s prayer. Continuous prayer can warm the spiritual atmosphere. Hearts are opened by prayer and that leads the doors opening for God to touch their lives

Overcome fear – we are all concerned about our cities, states and our nation, yet we don’t know where to start. Prayer walking provides a way for us to connect with those people and issues we are passionate about

Content with Evil – Eph 6 – prayer is a mighty tool we are given to help fight the fight against our adversary, Satan. Our prayers agree with the heart of God for his people and his world. We battle against spiritual darkness when we pray for others.

Progress in Prayer – I think we would all desire to pray more. Prayer is hard work, but if we push through, it can become a natural part of our lives. You will find yourself praying for people going down the hall, the sidewalk, the person sitting in the car next to you at the light.


Already I have had a few students tell me that they find themselves praying for people that they wouldn’t have done before learning how to incorporate this kind of prayer into their lives.

Walking While Praying:

  • Directed, prayer – praying for others
  • Intentional prayer – expecting the prayers to be answered
  • Responsive prayer – we observe our surroundings and sometimes this allows us to naturally see something we can add to the prayer time
  • Research for prayer – we may do research ahead of time (the students have been researching different countries they have been assigned, giving them specifics to pray for the people of that nation)
  • Revealed insight – praying scriptures while we walk can then open our hearts for the Holy Spirit to prompt us with other prayer points for that person, event, country, etc.
  • Prayer walking is spiritual battle. Let’s face it, praying can be very difficult. We might feel inadequate. Prayer requires patience. We want to see immediate results from our efforts but we must not give up.
  • Prayer walking is literally just that. Walking a specific trail, path area you feel led to pray over, and pray while you walk


Prayer walking requires preparation.

  1. Our hearts need to be prepared
  2. Our minds need to be focused
  3. We need to seek God – listen for promptings from the Holy Spirit
  4. Do it – open our mouths and pray
  5. Pray with others – agree in prayer for God’s heart for a people, event, nation
  6. Pray with scripture – spend time looking for scripture that fit’s the situation
  7. Pray with sensitivity – about the people and places you are focusing on
  8. Report – come back together and share and pray and learn from each other.


Ways to prayer walk

Alone                               Groups

Family                              Places of work

Parks                                Schools

Churches                          Sites of tragedy

Government places


If you have never tried prayer walking, I hope you will give it a try. If you are already familiar with it, I encourage you to join with us and prayer walk a place where you feel led to spend time in prayer.


Embassy Row is on Massachusetts Avenue,  New Hampshire Avenue and International Blvd

Embassies are side by side. The students are divided into 4 teams that will just walk up the sidewalks and pray for those countries. They will be praying specific prayer points that they have researched these past months. We will not be stopping and making a spectacle, in fact we should just look like a small group of students and their leader taking a walk. But we will be partnering with the heart of God for his people all over the world, to have the freedom to worship, to live in peace, for education, for human trafficking to be stopped, etc. etc.


Till tomorrow night!

Mrs. G



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#knowthetruth #livethetruth #sharethetruth #bethetruth


Today we learned some new ‘truths’ about our nation’s capital building. Our 2 tour guides, Michelle and Blaine from Congressman Carter’s office were wonderful.  We got the best tour we’ve ever had for this eleventh grade trip.  We had the privilege of going down halls and up stairs that the normal visitor’s center tour guides can’t take you on.  Blaine is a fact finder and loves to share the story behind the facts. We learned stories of intrigue, jealousy, secrets and murder on the marble steps. It was also really cool when he realized we were from a Christian School so when he shared the information on 4 of the large paintings in the Rotunda, he said, “People want to say this nation wasn’t founded on Christian principles but these pictures tell us a different story.” He went on to describe what it was in each picture that showed Christianity was all wrapped up in forming this nation from the very beginning.

After lunch we headed to the Holocaust museum.

The students really took their time and read, watched and listened to the tragic testimonies of the atrocities Hitler successfully carried out against the Jewish nation, the handicapped and anyone that didn’t fit in his ‘perfect race’.

It is a very sobering thing to be a witness 79 years later and wonder how Hitler could have gotten away with annihilating so many millions of people.

Just some of the statements made during debrief:

  • it’s mind blowing how powerful the devil can be – people can go so far when Jesus isn’t in their life –  my own life – if I stop doing things that are bringing me closer to God  – if I would turn away from the Lord –   how could people think they are doing something okay – mind boggling
  • It is sad that so many people died because one mad man hated them all – how could so many of the Germans not have a conscious
  • I loved the story about the Danish fishermen and how they helped the Jewish community escape and survive the brutality of the Nazi’s.

Some of the students are getting braver about prayer and asking people if we can pray for them. Or, they are being led to silently pray for people in the metro or as we are riding down the escalator. Today we asked our guides, and a woman on the metro what we could specifically pray for them when we debriefed tonight. The lady on the metro was taken back. She was so blessed. Each one of them gave us things to pray.  I will tell you, if our students will daily meditate on His word, continue to learn to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, develop a lifestyle of prayer using this magnificent tool God has given us to communicate and worship him with, they will be:

  • young adults that will trust in God not their own wisdom (Prov. 3:5-6)
  • the answer to someone’s prayer
  • a believer that walks in the full armor of God, confident in who they are in Him

My amazing Co-Leaders also share in our debriefs – the bottom line of their thoughts:

  1. When the heart is not submitted to God – man will do what is right in his own mind, Judges 17:6
  2. If you don’t have truth – you can be swayed all kinds of ways 2 Tim 4:3
  3. Make sure you know the truth 2 Tim 2:15
  4. Know when something else besides truth is being preached Hebrews 4:12
  5. Be a voice that stands for righteousness – Proverbs 31:8-9


Pray for all of us, that everything we experience will just draw us closer to Jesus Christ. Please pray that our desires will not be to build ourselves up, but to become like Christ who is the greatest servant of all. Pray that we will continue to be courageous in our faith, knowing, we KNOW the answer … his name is Jesus!


until tomorrow

mrs. g


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A Lasting Impression

A Lasting Impression

The only limit to the impact we will each have on others … I believe … is us!

We were reminded over and over today of how the character of the man George Washington still impacts our lives today.  Touring the beautiful Mount Vernon it was amazing to think, I am walking where the first President of the United States invented, worked, entertained and lived. 

Here’s some highlights from our evening debrief. (where each person talks about the events of the past two days and how it impacted them)

·       The snowball fight was fun – but also really cool that we prayed with the students from the boarding school

·       I loved hearing my classmates pray and hear their heart

·       Loved how they didn’t hide the facts about the slaves and spoke truth about the situation and didn’t try to cover it up. 

·       The snowball fight – it was simplicity at its best – we need more of it – we are too inundated with social media, etc. This was just simple fun

·       It was powerful when we prayed at the Washington Monument – I am excited to see what else is going to happen this week

·       When we were praying with the group after we had fun at the snowball fight-  the way that Mrs g prayed was also really good   our reputations as believers is really important –   next time a Christian comes  – along they might be even more receptive

·       We should realize technology doesn’t define us – we still are fighting the same battles today –  it’s the war against flesh –  evil –  still have to battle to have marriages that last – and  kids that grow up to learn to love the Lord – to keep our eyes on Christ

·       I loved Johnny’s prayer at the slave memorial – praying for people being set free – we can walk around carrying pain inside of us – or we can allow God to help us –  the slave’s faith gave them hope in the midst of their enslavement


Sharing and debriefing our day, the fun and the impactful moments, is as important as the experience of the day itself. It helps us each see and hear how others on the team are processing what they have seen and gives us each a new perspective we might not have seen. It also gives the students the safe place to share their thoughts, many of them deep and not be laughed at, but have their classmates agree and be challenged themselves.


Tomorrow we tour our Nation’s Capital and the Holocaust Museum. Please pray for our students.  They were challenged to open their hearts to the experience, to allow the Holy Spirit to really penetrate deep and be even more aware of what they were seeing and hearing and to not be afraid to allow it to change them. To become more Christ-like – a radical servant that glorifies God.


Until tomorrow!

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it. was. EPIC!

Epic First Day

What a fun way to start your 11th grade Impact trip – landing during a light snow storm. It was beautiful.

We got to the hotel, and dressed for an afternoon on the National Mall after we headed to Panera to grab our fuel (lunch) for the epic snow ball fight we didn’t know we’d be in.

We always like start off getting a picture of the team with the capital in the background.  As we were walking past groups of people in the center of the mall, building snowmen and throwing snowballs, I had an idea. When we finished taking our picture and I told the kids. “Okay, here’s what you’re going to do.  Everyone is going to make 3 or 4 snowballs, get in a group, we (adults) will be standing over there on the sidelines, and when I drop my arm, you run towards that group of people, yelling, ready to start a snowball fight.”  I could tell they were a little apprehensive but they went ahead.   I dropped my arm, and they kind of apologetically started running and hardly yelling. The other group saw them and got excited and yelled and ran towards our kids.  That got our kids quickly into the ‘game’ and they yelled louder and ran harder and began pelting the other side.  IT WAS EPIC.  It lasted for a while. Channel 4 was there and filmed it. Who knows if it makes the nightly news, but it was SO FUN!

  Finally, it was time that we headed towards the Washington Monument to start our praying for the nation. We called our team over.  One of the adults of the ‘other side’ came over and thanked us for letting them ‘play’.  As we walked away, the other group made more snowballs and started yelling and running after our kids … so funny. After another quick round, I stopped both groups and asked where they were from, then we introduced ourselves.  We asked if it was okay if we prayed for them, the leader was a little hesitant but the young people were from a boarding school and the girls, were like, “yes… yeah… sure!”  So, right there, on the sidewalk on the National Mall, we prayed for them, for their purpose, for our student’s purpose, for our nation and our leaders.  It was pretty cool. 

We headed to the monument and broke into our prayer teams and prayed

·       The week

·       Our leaders

·       Safety

·       We would experience all God has for us

·       We would continue to had epic surprise experiences

·       Whatever else the other teams prayed

 We got back on the metro and headed over to the White House.  It looked so beautiful as the sun was going down and snow everywhere.  We got a few pictures, then we gathered in the park in the front and one of our students prayed for our nation’s leadership.

 It’s been a long day so we headed back to the hotel, a quick run to Safeway for snacks, and heading to bed for an early day tomorrow.




At 6:45 in the morning we head out bright and early to ride the cruise boat on the Potomac to Mount Vernon. This is where we will tour his home, his farm, the slave houses, the tombs, watch a video about George Washington and the fight for liberty. This can be such an impactful time. You see what a statesman George was. His resolve to stand for liberty all the while being a man that owned slaves. What a contrast.  A man leading the fight for freedom all the while seemingly having no problem with owning people himself.   We usually have great evening debriefing after the day.  


This is a great group of kids. I so love them.  We miss our home team … Elizabeth and Vy … Christian, get well, we are praying for you!


Pray that your student and the others become aware and sensitive to the Holy Spirit leading them to pray for things, events and people that God lays upon their hears.  As we ride the metro, stand in lines, ride boats, etc. we have unique opportunities to tell others who we are and why we are here. In Bible class, Coach Taylor and I have been encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone with just a ,”God bless you”  and then when that gets comfortable and a conversation ensues, “Is there something our team could pray for you tonight?”  Or just being sensitive as we learn to pray on-sight with insight, God will impress upon their hearts things to pray. It might be for people or situations they see. Sometimes watching a film, or walking through a museum, they are impressed with information they learn and realize. We need more people like that in leadership. That becomes a prayer point.  Or, that was a horrible time in history, and it impresses them to pray for those still suffering from that event or action.

 Till tomorrow night!

 mrs. g

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He Never Fails!

The Blue Lagoon +
The Northern Lights +
A Mud Facial
Clearly God loves this Senior Class

This morning the students turned in their lists of prayer points God had given them to pray for Iceland and Gunnar’s church and church plant.  I loved seeing those papers completely filled out.

I know people have in mind what missions should look like.  But our goal at Summit is to impart into our students to be ‘on’ mission 24/7.  That looks different on every one of us.

Our students ministered to our driver by how they treated each other. How respectful they were.  How thankful they were.  I had breakfast with her the last morning and it was part of our conversation.   I knew God was blessing her through our students.

That’s 1 Cor 3: 5-9

Our students were impacted by this trip.  This trip is about them and God’s plans for them.  What He wants them to see about him.

Prayer walking in the freezing cold rain … sitting at the feet of a man that God has set aside to shake up Iceland for his kingdom… a man that they can relate to … you can’t set that up… God sets that up!

After a day of whale watching … we did see 4+ whales the last one was close to the boat… amazing!

We grabbed a quick sandwich and headed to the Blue Lagoon. As we were checking in the young man said , “Pray the clouds will clear and you will be able to see the Northern Lights while you are here! ” Amen … we thought our chances would be slim because the 3 other nights we’d seem them it was after 10:45p and we were leaving at 10. We were all together enjoying the hot springs. And noticed it was time to get out. As we were leaving Daniel asked “Look up there, is that the lights?” OH. MY. WORD. clearer than Tues night.
The students were saying… God is so amazing!
Thank you God. They were bright, long, dancing. It was spectacular.
No one had a camera because we were in the water… I think that’s what made it even more spectacular. It’s kind of one of those … ponder it in your heart… silently be in awe … let your heart be filled with thanks to God who gives those things money can’t buy.
We glorify Him tonight because He is great and He does great things
Thank you God for reaching down one more time and showing this class… Your majesty … Your splendour… They are in awe

Heading home tomorrow. Prayers for safe flights!

They are already planning a reunion trip.

Our ❤’s are full

Mrs g


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Prepare Now!

Iceland Trip-123 Elly


Prepare Now!

Tonight’s debrief is where we challenge our seniors to be thinking NOW  how they will face their upcoming first year of college – first year out of high school moments.

Mom and dad aren’t around maybe. No one knows if I REALLY am doing my homework or where I am at this moment. I am invited to a party/function that I know deep down is not a good decision. . .  the list goes on and on.

Prepare now. How are you going to answer? Who are you going to trust to keep you accountable? What are you going to do with your relationship with Jesus?

Begin praying now and setting your mind to your plan. Have your responses settled in your heart now!

Have strong accountability.  Of ALL AGES!

Live a life that matters. Matthew 5:17  “let your light shine before all men that they may see your good deeds and praise the father in heaven”

Live with Passion – Have fun – but not at the expense of regrets – being a Christ follower doesn’t mean the fun is missing.  It means your fun won’t make you wake up with regrets

Live with Purpose  –   find your small group/ church / right off the bat.  Keep searching till you find the one that challenges you and helps you grow

Live a live of Service –  don’t stop serving –  in this world of “me”

Live a life of Humility – don’t think so highly of yourself that you don’t reach out for help, reach to help others, reach to the one that deserves your praise

Our amazing JE guide Daniel shared with the students and their amazing HR teacher Ms. Smith shared. They both challenged them – you need to really think on these things now and have a plan for every one of these areas. Choosing your friends is crucial. Finding those people that are going to spur you on to a deeper relationship with Christ.  If you’re too busy to spend time in God’s Word, listening, meditating and then responding … then you’re too busy.  Reorder your life.

Let’s pray John 10:10 for our students “I came so that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”


Continue to pray for

  • Pastor Gunnar and his ministry in Reykjavik – and his upcoming church plant in Akureyri
  • The hired pastors for Iceland’s registered churches
  • Pastor Gunnar’s children and their needs Oldest son with leukemia, Middle daughter with continued health, Youngest son with special needs
  • Daniel (J E Guide) has many trips following our until June. Pray for strength, great teams.  He knows how to give devotionals and this is sooooo important. Pray that God continues to give him fresh words to share, words that will penetrate even the toughest hearts.
  • God to bless Elly our driver tour guide and her family
  • Our Seniors – much to do for the next 45 days  –  and beyond
    • God will protect their hearts and mind
    • They will choose to grow in their relationship with Christ
    • They will have solid Christ followers as friends
    • They Live a life of purpose –  unashamed!






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 66°

  • Iceland Trip-120Thursday morning

We will spend most of our day driving back to Reykjavik  – on to the turf houses and church

  • 66° =  the Arctic Circle

We came very, very, very close to that 66° … so Ellẏ says … “it counts”

So ….   It Counts!

  • Turf Houses

Oh my goodness!  These are amazing.  I teach about these in elementary and to see them in person is just a dream come true. So creative.  People were still living in them until 1958 and all moved but one man that stayed on 2 more years.

The history behind them is about being resourceful because they had depleted their forests. But as they began to make stone houses, they felt ashamed and tore many down.  Thank goodness, for historical preservation someone had the mind to save this group and keep them up.

The church is different in the front and the back are wooden.  The wood in the church is over 400 years old, but it is made from driftwood and as it washed ashore, it took 2 years to dry.  Because the wood was full of salt water, it made it strong and preserved it in a way. We sat inside as a gentleman that lived in the house next door gave us the brief history.

  • Goodbye to Ellẏ

We were blessed with the best driver and tour guide.  She was so conscientious  about our time, our safety … everything. We had to say goodbye to her. Clark drew the picture on the homemade card and we all signed it. I was very proud of the team as they took their time to bless her with kind words. She told us she really enjoyed us (I think we’re her best group EVER) 😀  lol… I’m a little partial, but, hey!

  • Lamb Stew

When we left Hotel Laxnes (where we are now) on Tuesday morning to head up north, we told the front desk manager, we were disappointed there hadn’t been Lamb stew!  He promised and when we pulled up, you could smell it!  Oh. My. Goodness!  It smells delicious!

  • Down Time

We are starting our relaxing evening (I’m sure the guys will eventually cross the driveway to KFC) and at some point we will debrief again all that we’ve seen and thought and talk through our prayer time last night.

5:51pm Iceland Time


Mrs. G

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Peace – Praise – Prayer

What a day

Godafloss falls – Falls of the gods     The Craters     Geothermal Hot Springs       Hell (it’s a path through an intense black rock field- it’s the English name they call it) you can actually get lost in there, our guide had to go with us so we could take a quick tour and not get lost.

sooooo we’ve actually been to h*ll and back … and… it was frozen over …  no offense… just a little play on words!

We’ve been in …..  SNOW …. LOTS OF SNOW ! ! !   Beautiful sparkling snow in the sunshine… then MORE SNOW!

I am reminded of the psalmists and King David and the psalms they wrote, and their awe and reverence and trust in God in every situation.  Every time we make another stop to see a natural waterfall, geothermal energy location, unique lava rock formations or just driving from destination to destination between unique landscapes, your heart can’t help but be in awe of our incredible creator God. I just don’t know how one could not help but declare who God is in that moment/situation! There is a peace, a feeling of something larger than yourself. You want to stay there. (Yesterday I think we all could have just stayed at the Lava falls … for a long time)

A very dear older and much wiser friend, just a few months ago shared what I believe to be an amazing truth that I just had not thought about. I was telling her, “ Every time I go out to our property and just sit among the trees and listen to the birds, the creek running, I feel that my soul heals, my mind is refreshed and I can refocus and fix my eyes just on Jesus.”  She replied, “Oh honey, you know why? That’s because there is no sin in nature.  That’s why you can sit in it and allow the God that is glorified in His creation to touch you, restore you, speak to you and set your soul at peace.”   I believe that’s true.

Over and over on this trip, I feel like we as a team have been ‘in’ that situation.  We are surrounded by an unusual beauty that human hands did not form, but human hearts can  not help but be drawn to the creator of that beauty.

Your heart can find peace …

  • In the roar of the water rushing over the edge and landing forcefully in the pool below
  • In the silence of the newly fallen snow, sitting on the bench overlooking a huge frozen lake and a field of craters completely covered in white, helping you to imagine … this is what the moon must look like
  • In the stench of the hot springs there is beauty and awe in knowing that God in his knowledge and power gave this … as a means to bless others
  • In the icy waters where ducks and seals and more ‘find their home’
  • In the snow gently falling we are reminded, HE is able to wash our sins away and make us ‘white as snow’
  • I am praying for each of the students, for all of us. That even though we get tired, things are confusing, strife fills our life … our hearts will rest in Him.


As we are back at the hotel with a short break before we go and start our prayer walking of the city.  I am very excited to be able to do this.  Prayer walking is such an amazing tool. If you have never heard of it or done it I want to encourage you.  It is powerful and I know it works.

  • Walk down the streets praying for the people in the business and homes to come to know the Lord, or if they know him to have the courage to live their lives in a way that others are drawn to Jesus
  • Pray for business owners that they would know God, come to know him – honor God in their business practices
  • Pray for  schools, for safety, for believers to be the light to those that don’t know the gospel
  • Pray in the workplace – as you walk down the hall, to another office, to lunch – pray for your co-workers, bosses, office interactions. Pray that you will have the opportunity to share your testimony or pray for a friend or co-worker.

How does it help?   4 ways

Thaws the ice –  most people don’t know what to do, and pray walking provides a quiet way to help people. You just may be the answer to someone’s prayer. Continuous prayer can warm the spiritual atmosphere. Hearts are opened by prayer and that leads the doors opening for God to touch their lives

Helps You to Overcome fear – we are all concerned about our cities, states and our nation, yet we don’t know where to start. Prayer walking provides a way for us to connect with those people and issues we are passionate about

Contends with Evil – Eph. 6 –  prayer is a mighty tool we are given to help fight the fight against our adversary, Satan. Our prayers agree with the heart of God for His people and His world. We battle against spiritual darkness when we pray for others.

Progress in Prayer – I think we would all desire to pray more. Prayer is hard work, but if we push through, it can become a natural part of our lives. You will find yourself praying for people going down the hall, at the grocery store, sitting in the car next to you at the light. You will make yourself available to God to be used in incredible ways.

I tell the students.  If you feel drawn to pray, just start praying, if you sense to pray about something  in particular just go with it. Next thing you know you are feeling more and more comfortable praying. It’s up to God whether or not it is answered, and that takes the pressure off. You are just agreeing with the heart of God to draw people to him and to bless them.

Our prayer life should be more than Thank you God or GOD  PLEASE  HELP…..  !

This late afternoon, as we are going to prayer walk, starting at the church and around the center of this city, we are asking God to draw the team that will lead the church plant.

  • The pastor
  • A strong support team
  • Favor in the city
  • Unique opportunities to share the gospel
  • People will be drawn to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • The pastor of the town’s registered church to be a fully committed Christ follower. That if he is not, as he prepares the upcoming messages that his heart will be convicted and God’s word will begin to challenge, mold and save him.

1 Corinthians 3:5-    What, after all, is Apollos? And what is Paul? Only servants, through whom you came to believe – as the Lord has assigned to each his task. I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God who makes things grow. The one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose and they will each be rewarded according to their own labor. For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.

Our job tonight was to help till the hard spiritual ground if you will, to pray for the people here.

I will be finding out tomorrow what each of the teams prayed.  If you are joining us in prayer, please email me or pm me on fb and let me know. We want to encourage Pastor Gunnar with the knowledge the church is praying with him for his nation.

We head back to Reykjavik tomorrow morning. Pray for a safe trip.  We will see the turf houses (I. Am. So. Excited!)  and more.

Please continue to pray for our driver Ellẏ.  Before we end our time with her we want the privilege of praying for her.

We will be doing more praying  and prayer walking for Gunnar, his family, his church / ministry.

Till tomorrow!

Mrs g

I think my heart’s too full …  can’t help it!  These students are amazing and I love what comes from their hearts in debrief and prayer … good stuff!





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Iceland = Taking It All In

Iceland –

We are in the Northern Capital Akureyri. It is a tourist town with a harbor for fishing and cruise ships. It is beautiful. However, the drive up here … stunning, magnificent, awe, God’s creation is just amazing.

Mrs. G is handing off the typing to me, Ms. Smith, while she dictates.

Our first stop was at the largest hot spring in Europe. According to Elli, this hot spring pumps 120 degree Celsius water 180 liters per second to homes and businesses across several towns. This particular hot spring is so large, that it can be pumped over 70 kilometers away! All the hot springs are in the South, and the areas that are able to run off the hot springs are powered by the renewable energy they provide.

Some major pluses to living in Iceland include NO MOSQUITOES and NO SNAKES! There are only 5 predator species, 5 different kinds of fresh water fish, reindeer, rabbits, farm animals, and the occasional displaced polar bear who sometimes accidentally hitches a ride on a sheared off piece of a Greenland glacier.

We made an extremely memorable stop midafternoon at Hraunfossar, the “Lava Falls”. These falls are created by the glacier water that melts and runs under the ground, emerging through the porous lava rocks and spilling into the frigid and incredibly clear river below. The steel-blue color at the base of the falls is…for lack of a better word, breathtaking. The kids had a hard time leaving this place because in all honesty, it looked like something out of a movie. Like blue food coloring had been mixed into the water and the rocks had been perfectly crafted to create stunning shapes with the water. This is our guide’s favorite stop, and she takes her tour guests here often. We can see why.

After we left the falls, we passed through a North Western mountain range. There was a long stretch of road that had no flora, fauna, no nothing…just raw beauty. This was a distinctly different landscape than what we had experienced thus far. Everything was so covered in snow that it was almost the only thing you could see. The kids were taking pictures and the only sounds we heard were oohing and aweing, or complete silence as they took it all in. It got me the way our guide is proud of the beauty and peace their countryside holds. The kids even mentioned this in our debriefing tonight. They noted how much it moved them seeing God’s creation in such a wondrous way.

As we reached the base of the mountain pass, the snow remained, much to the delight of our students. We then entered a coastal town called Akureyri (yes, Elli had us rehearse its pronunciation several times before we got there). We got checked in to our really nice hotel with views of the harbor on one side and the ski lifts on the other. After check-in, we went to dinner, then the kids proceeded to have an epic hour-long snowball fight consisting of eye-locking-sudden-death snowball duels. They were wet and cold, so it made perfect sense to end the night with ice cream!

Our walk back took us by a centerpiece church that was lit up at night. As we got closer, we noticed semi-cleaned off graffiti on its walls that broke our hearts. We were suddenly reminded of how much this nation needs Jesus. Several students commented on these writings during debrief, and we could tell they were disturbed that someone would do such a thing. This had a lasting effect on their hearts throughout the remainder of the night, and spurred on a meaningful, reflective debriefing time. We ended the night praying in the lobby in the same manner in which we conduct prayer walking; No heads bowed, saying the prayer to the group as if it were just a conversation. In doing so, we aren’t trying to bring attention to ourselves, we are simply trying to bring the presence of Jesus into the moment.

Tomorrow morning we head out to explore some more of Iceland. This is the city where Pastor Gunner’s congregation hopes to plant a church this year. Please be praying for us as we support Gunner and his church by ending our day with prayer walking the city.

A SHOUT OUT to Ms. Smith…  My brain was struggling to think and type… it was a team effort!  What a blessing she is to our school, this class and to me personally!


Mrs. g

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