Love in Action Day 4

Another productive day in Rockport!

Bathroom painting is more than halfway done. We’ll finish the last 2 small ones in the morning.

Our teams moved piles of office and classroom supplies. What surprises everyone the most is how young our team is and how hard they work and how kind they are.

We are leaders aren’t surprised.  We are honored to get to work and serve a long side them.

Charlie and Matthew were awesome chefs.  It was so fun taking them to H E B and letting them shop for the items.  We had fried rice with beef tips and seasoned chicken wings (seasoned with coke and soy sauce) seriously.

Chase Bouloy had to go home today he was not feeling well.  Once we realized it we removed him from the team and his mom came and got him.  We scrubbed everything down 2x.  So far so good with everyone else.

This afternoon we went downtown and blessed one of the gift shops. They were so happy to have customers.  Then even though it was foggy on the water… it was so nice and warm and the team had a great time playing, running and watching the dolphins out in the distance.

Tonight we had our circle of blessing.  Each student/leader took a name of another student or leader yesterday.  Since then we have been observing and thinking how we can bless them with words of encouragement and scripture. Tonight we shared with each other and spoke those words of blessing and shared the scripture we felt led to share.  It is always such a sweet, fun inspiring time.

These kids have been amazing.

Our goal is to leave here about 10:00 a.m.  We will stop for lunch/food on the way home.

We will have the front office email or use the iris to let you know when we are approx. 30 minutes out.

You student will be able to leave once the vans are emptied and cleaned out. 😀


Blessed to be a blessing!

Mrs. g

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