Love in Action Day 3

What makes a team effective?

Works together well – has a great attitude – patience – hardworking – flexible!

It was the question that was asked at the end of our debrief and everything the students described is EXACTLY what they have displayed the last two days.

We stayed on the church campus today and helped 4 people accomplish 4 tasks that were on their volunteer lists. Honestly, one of the ladies hugged me and said, “We were looking at this probably taking us weeks.  What a blessing your group has been to us today.”

Blessed to be a blessing!  We had fun. We worked hard. We worked as a team.

After we finished all the tasks we took a tour around Rockport to see more of the devastation.

Heartbreaking … overwhelming heartbreaking! Travis and Mimi led us around and on speaker phone gave us history and stories about the areas.

Tonight as we were debriefing one of the students said, “As we were driving around it kind of hit me that was someone’s home where they made memories – was all gone in a matter of minutes.”

As we have been prepping for the Impact trips and talking about why we do what we do. We have given the kids a challenge to step outside of their comfort zone. They each have an assignment to ask someone how they as a class can pray for them.  This has three steps.

  1. Ask someone in your family
  2. Ask someone you know (friend, neighbor, etc.)
  3. Ask someone you do not know. Waitress, people that we’ve helped, check out attendant, etc.

It seems so simple but when you have to be bold and ask it can be intimidating.

A few of them pushed past their comfort zone and asked Rob, Larry, Mimi, John, tonight’s waitress and other volunteer workers here, “How can we pray for you?”  What a blessing it was to those we served but even more, what a blessing it is to be able to lift these precious people and their needs up in prayer.

Tomorrow we paint.  This church is so committed to helping Rockport ‘heal’.  They are giving up building space to turn it into volunteer dorms if you will.  We will be painting the bathrooms so they can install the fixtures and finish getting the building ready.  If you can imagine, months later, the work is still in full swing and people here have to be tired. The fact that we can serve those that serve is an honor.

Parents, you would be so proud and moved at the list of tasks this class has completed.

Thank you for your prayers and your support.



Mrs. G



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