Love In Action … Day 2

It was a cold start this morning. We were all bundled up (thankfully I brought extra beanies and the church had extra gloves).  I don’t think some of them didn’t believe me that it would be colder than walking from building to building.  They believe me now!  😀


Our first work project was Rob.  He and his wife had recently purchased a really nice double wide modular home. His yard was full of roofing nails, pieces of shingles, trash and the destroyed flower bed borders and garden mesh.  He is recovering from tongue cancer and our prayer time for him at the end was so sweet.  He kept asking us to have our lunchtime with him, so we did.

We headed to work project #2 but it was no longer there.  The house had been condemned and a bulldozer had cleared the lot.  On to project #3.

Larry had just finished a fixer upper and Harvey hit.  The yard was covered with debris of all kinds.  Larry was limited on what he could do because he had previously had heart surgery.  Our kids rocked it.  2 acres of shingles, wood pieces, trash, limbs, toys, tin, etc.

We logged in 6 hours today.

The track and golf team got their run in.  Dinner is almost done.

I’m pausing and then I’ll come back and write in debrief time!

The evening:

Tonight we each reread Romans 12 and chose the verses that spoke to us individually.  We each shared our verse or verses and why we chose them.  We also each shared the moments during the day that impacted us.

There were many recurring themes.

The overwhelming loss that people have suffered.

It is sobering to know many people lost many personal items yet in their yards were the personal items that someone else had lost.

Even with loss, Larry was so happy we were there to help.  The more we did, the more his shoulders lifted.

To be able to pray with each man was such a blessing. Rob was so blessed we were there with him. Prayer meant so much to him.

After we prayed for Larry he said, “Wow, thank you. I feel lifted up right now.  I just feel better.  Thank you so much”

We finished ahead of schedule, so asking for new projects.

Till tomorrow!

The pictures above

Left -The Back of Larry’s house is no longer there

Middle – Notes left around our living area from people of Rockport

Right – Side view of Larry’s house





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One thought on “Love In Action … Day 2

  1. Rene

    This is sooo good and encouraging to me to read!! I love that God knew that #3 needed more time time with the owner who needed to see God in action and feel His love.
    Soooo gooodd!!!

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