Be Aware so you can Be The Light

The team scriptures

The guys –  1 Thessalonians 5:11, Matthew 5:16, Galatians 6:2,

The girls – Hebrews 10:24, Proverbs 16:24


We began the day with a wonderful breakfast prepared by the chef (and I really mean chef) We heard that he makes the best cinnamon rolls and we told him we didn’t know that when we set up our meal plan.  He told he had all the stuff and would be glad to change our menu … sooooo…. Looking forward to trying them out in the a.m.

As we prepared to start the day each team – guys and gals – met and talked about their focus scriptures for the next 2 days.  Inward and outward.

We wrapped quite a few presents for Meals on Wheels and it is always is such a blessing to them.  The M.O.W. team already has enough to do with preparing and delivering and then cleaning up, to add wrapping well over 100 presents is a little daunting.  The cook told me, “You don’t know what a blessing this is. We look forward to your kids coming and helping us every year.”

M.O.W. packed us a lunch so we enjoyed lunch at Johnson Park then divided up and began conquering our Christmas Conspiracy Project.

Let’s just say … THEY WERE PUMPED!  I love it when our students make themselves available to God, and get to become ‘the answer to someone’s prayer’.

What each did was great.  2 new ideas!  I love that.  Not sharing until they come home and can tell you themselves.

After dinner (homemade lasagna… can we say we are NOT eating camp food! This was not Stouffer’s folks)

We gathered and talked again about our scriptures and then I gave instructions about our prayer walking the ‘Walk of Lights’ in Johnson Park by the water… sooooo beautiful!  Filled with scenes from the nativity and at the end….  An empty cross.  The Savior has risen!

We all walked through once and enjoyed the lights… then took our time walking through again asking the Holy Spirit to show us who to pray for and what to pray!  We met up at the end and shared just one thing we prayed for.  It was very encouraging as many prayed for the same thing.

One group still has to finish their project in the morning. Our ministry in the morning is a rehab/nursing home.  We’ll be doing either crafts, Christmas carols or Bingo!  If we are lucky … all three!  😀

It has been a blessing to be with your students these past couple of days.

A BIG Thank you to my leaders:  Amy Smith, Liz Swanson, Jack Shackelford and student leader Blake Wilson.

Your students have been challenged to ‘represent’ in every situation.  They have stepped up to the challenge.  While they are all getting their Starbucks and I am sitting here writing, I am looking at all the people that are amazed at this group of 7th graders that are quiet, respectful and enjoying each other’s company … meantime, the face they made when we walked in … is no longer there.

This morning while wrapping the presents, an elderly lady was decorating the small tree in the center.  She told Mrs. Smith and I. “I am so impressed with these young people.  What grade are they in?”  “7th”  “The seventh grade?  And they are behaving like this? They have quite the decorum. I do not think I have ever seen anything like it!”

We have fun but we are respectful and aware …. of EVERYONE around us. THEN, others notice, and want to know … Why?  How?  Who are you?

THEN … we can say who we are … and why we are doing what we are doing … and WHO we know…  Jesus … His story … our story … becomes ‘the story’ !  Fun huh?

It’s the BEST EVER! ! ! !

See you tomorrow afternoon around 2:30ish!

Mrs. g



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