Blessed to be a Blessing

When His Story becomes a part of our story – Blessings are going to happen!

We got to the city of Burnet in perfect timing. We were close to the front of the line which was great because by the time they opened the gates, the line had wrapped around 4 blocks!

Main Street Bethlehem is celebrating 25 years of sharing the story of God’s great love toward us in that he sent his son Jesus to the world! What a love story that can become a part of each of our own life stories.

We had dinner and then headed to our cabins, unloaded the trailer and found our beds for the next 2 evenings.


We ended our evening with a bonfire and talked about this opportunity that each of us were going to have these next 2 days to maybe share the story or BE the story to someone else.

We spent time in prayer:

  • Praising and thanking God for His son Jesus
  • Asking God to help each one of us to glorify Him through our actions to one another
  • Praying for our time with Meals on Wheels in the morning – to be a blessing
  • Praying for our Conspiracy Project tomorrow – we are asking God to give each team creative ideas on ways to bless others without them knowing – may we be the answer to someone else’s prayers
  • May everything we do bring glory and honor to God


Tomorrow morning we will be heading to Meals on Wheels.  We help them sort, wrap and tag all the Christmas presents for the clients that receive daily meals.  It will be very eye opening for our students.

Each person/client will get 2 presents. Ex: 1 pair of gloves & 1 pair of socks, 1 bottle of shampoo and 1 toothbrush and toothpaste.

We will be praying over the gifts that each person receives exactly what they have need of.

When we’ll be eating a meal with the cooks and drivers and sometimes clients/people that come to the center to eat.

After lunch we will begin our conspiracy project.  Which is really a truth project.  We will be figuring out ways to bless others.  This is soooo much fun and the testimonies that come out of this each year are very touching.  It is also a way for your student to grow in their faith. When we pray and ask God to help us and then we see that we are able to hear his heart for others and the blessing we can be, it is so encouraging for each one of us on this trip.

After dinner we will head to the trail of lights where we will do a little prayer walking and then Starbucks and then back here for our debriefing.


Have a blessed day!  Ask God to give you divine appointments during your day.  Share His story.  Be His story. We are blessed to be a blessing and this Christmas season is filled with all kinds of opportunities to be his eyes, his hands, his heart to others.


Mrs. G



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