Working Together = Success Achieved

It’s been another amazing day of YOUR amazing children doing AMAZING teamwork!

Your kiddos were complimented from morning till evening!  Most of the time they didn’t know it, but we shared with them each time we got the chance just to encourage them and to spur them on to the finish line!

An elderly gentleman that comes to Tejas to serve and help build the ‘nativity walk’ sets came over to me at lunch and said, “I have been working with a Tejas employee for the past two days.  He really bragged on your students. He said of all the teams that come here to serve, your team is their favorite. Your students work hard, they are respectful, they stay focused and get the job done. And they get the job done right. No one has to come behind them and redo it. I just wanted to let you know.  That your kids make a good impression. It’s obvious they are taught how to serve.”

Wow!  I know the guy he was working with.  We hardly ever work with that guy because of the nature of his job at the camp. But at their team meetings they share with each other.

Our team leaders are as impressed as I am. Our kids have taken on every job and done it … with excellence.

Half of our day we spent re-doing work others had done before us.  Unwrapping trees, and then rewrapping them correctly.  It’s tedious but our kids got the vision of ‘let’s do this with excellence to help make the name of Jesus known and glorified’.

Tonight after dinner we stood in the light tunnel and prayed for everyone that comes this year. We then met in our meeting room and refocused on our first evening’s devotional and then headed out with our jackets and flashlights to the ‘Meadows Campfire’.  It’s the most amazing grove of trees that look like they came out of a movie. There’s a fire in the middle – lanterns on posts under the large canopy of trees – tables and benches.  Mr. Linam told the story of the shepherds and their response to the news of the Savior and how we can parallel our lives to them … if we choose, our response to the story of the nativity can be just like theirs.   We each took time to reflect and wrote our thoughts and what we desired in our hearts, on to our devotional papers.  Each student then took their papers and we tossed them in to the fire.  (The first night the kids wrote their feelings, we asked them to be truthful and we promised no one would read them … ever… and tonight we made sure) Those thoughts, fears, dreams  and desires are between them and God.

We then had a great time having s’mores and laughing!  And then the fun walk back!

The boys have (snuck) over to the basketball court and the girls are dancing around and singing Christmas Carols in our cabin.

Tomorrow morning we’ll see what Tejas has for us to do.  At this point, most of the students are saying they would like to stay here and not come back yet. That’s how you want to end a trip, with your kiddos wanting more!

Your students are a treasure and we are so proud of them and have had a BLAST with them!

We’ll see you tomorrow at the end of the school day!


Mrs. G



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