God Looks At The Heart!

YAY for cloud cover … made working outside a little better this morning.

We started the morning divided into two teams working for the Administration office and Head Start Programs.  Landscaping and clean up!  Our kids work so fast and hard we were done by lunch.

We then were able to bless the local elementary school with half of a trailer of backpacks, school supplies, office supplies, personal supplies and clothing.  From our backpack project we did for Oklahoma 3 years ago, it was confirmed again that the majority of the children at the local elementary school did not have backpacks, and could not afford to get the supplies needed at the beginning of school. The teachers were going to be thrilled to have backpacks to give to their students and supplies to use in the classroom. It is so fun to be able to bless someone, and they not know that it was you.  This time we were given the backpacks, etc. to find someone to bless, and what a blessing it is!

Finishing early gave everyone a 2 hour break to relax and enjoy the cabins and the view.

After practicing for the evening and spending time in prayer, we loaded up and headed to Boswell.


Elementary – The Theme –  David – Man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7

High School –  Using the story of David and comparing their own journey with God

The Elementary group was so full of energy and really connected with the children. The worship, memory verse, skit and special prayer time was wonderful.  There were 31 elementary students.   Our kids got to hear funny and heartbreaking things.

The Middle School group had a great time too.  They had icebreaker games, devotional times, worship. And watching our students interact with them and seeing them connect with each other over dinner was really cool.

Have I said how proud of these kids I am?  Truly we were all so grateful God allowed us to end our week this way.

We came back to the cabins for debriefing. We spent time in prayer and gave the evening back to God.

I had the students write down the names of the kids in their small groups and what they could remember about the conversations.  I am praying that they will pray for them and when God brings them to mind (no matter how many times) they will understand that is not a random thought, that is the Holy Spirit nudging them to pray

We worshiped and then each person shared about the evening. Too much to write.  We laughed at the stories and then there were such sobering moments it broke your heart to hear what is going on in the lives of these precious kids. What an honor God trusted us to have such a special time with them tonight.

We’ve had a great time this week and most of the kids wish we could stay another day.  Sooooo… we are heading home.  Our plans are to leave around 8:ish am.  We hope to be back at the campus between 3-4:30p.  We will keep you updated.   The students will begin calling you about an hour out.

Thank you for praying.  Please continue to pray for your student and this trip in particular. Pray for the things God has challenged them with.   I am praying for their hearts to be guarded and that the things they have been challenged … stay with them … drawing them closer to God and the purposes he has for them.

Thank you parents for allowing your students to participate.  A HUGE thank you to my leaders; Ed Wilson, Jake Shackelford, Liz Swanson and Shelby Hollier!

We will see you all tomorrow

Mrs g


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