Man looks on the outside of a person – God looks on the heart!

We finished the property in Kingston in record time. What a transformation. Brady, the job manager told me it he was so grateful for all the hard work the kids did but more than that, it was so refreshing to work with young people that were kind to each other and there wasn’t any foul language.

What a sad testimony of so many young people, but what a wonderful compliment for our kids.  It does always surprise other people when they work a long side of our students.  They took responsibility for their assigned areas and for jobs they were overseeing. They worked hard and didn’t give up until it was completed.

Another department of Little Dixie realized we were here and has asked for us to help them in the morning.

After we finished our day we treated ourselves to Braum’s ice cream ( I’m just sayin’ ).  Then we headed to the ruins of the old Choctaw town of Doaksville.  It has actual ruins of the town; jail, restaurant, 3 wells, hotel and a tavern.  The ruins are stone walls about one to 3 feet high.  One other interesting thing is you have to drive into the local cemetery and then take the stairs over a stone wall, heading down a path to the ruins.

Free time before dinner – nice!

Then devotionals –  We continue the story of David and now he’s facing the giant Goliath.  David is prepared for this moment in his life because of all the things he has gone through while tending sheep.  Saul wanted him to use ‘his armor’ however that is not how he had been trained.  He used the skills that he had developed during his times of being alone, facing dangerous situations guarding the sheep, spending time learning to trust God.  Those are the things he took into the battle that not only saved his own life, but the lives of a whole nation of people.

We challenged the students to take this time in their life and allow God to use it for his glory and to help shape who he has created them to be. Whether what they are going through is exciting or disappointing, it is still a part of their story. They have a choice to let it become a training ground or a distraction or an excuse. We can press into God and allow his character to be formed in us preparing us for what he has in store.

We worshiped together and prayed together. It was a really special time I believe, God is preparing our heart to touch the hearts of the children of Boswell that he loves so dearly. For the little ones, we’re going to focus on what God told Samuel when he was anointing him to be a king one day …

1 Samuel 16:7b   Man looks on the outside of a person, but God looks on the heart.  (ICB International Children’s Bible)  

We live in a world that is constantly competing; against each other, against our time, against our values. It’s all about appearances and how smart, rich, or beautiful we are.   God is looking at our hearts.

These children come from homes where every day is a struggle of some kind. To quote a child from a past year “We’re not very smart, none of us are going to really be anything.”  Well, we believe God has given us a message of hope! Please pray with us.

We talked tonight about how these stories of David can be used to encourage the children and early teens tomorrow night. How we can pray with them and for them.  We broke into our two teams and then practiced our ministry times.

These kids are so talented and I am excited to see what God is going to do tomorrow night.

Please continue to pray for us.  Pray for your student, that God will touch those places of their own heart and mind and soul. Pray that they will desire to trust God with their heart  and with whatever situation they are personally in and allow the creator of the universe to bring encouragement, courage, peace and healing.

What a joy to serve a long side your students.

Mrs. g


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