“If they keep this up, they’ll work themselves out of a job!”



When we pulled up to the job site this morning, the kids didn’t hesitate; they just jumped out of the vehicles and waited to be told what crew they would work on.  No complaining, just constant working.

It was a construction mess in the house, and broken blinds, etc.  Outside … broken down fencing, a dilapidated small work shed, grass that was to your waist, so the first mowing left piles of grass that had to be removed to get a really good 2nd mowing. The twigs and branches that had to be removed, broken chairs … get the picture?  About an hour into the workday I walked up to Jerry the job site foreman and asked if everything was okay and if the kids were doing okay or if we needed to attend to anything. His reply, “If they keep this up, they’ll work themselves out of a job! These kids are hard working and FAST! ”    uh…. yeah!  They’re Summit kids!  So proud… so proud!

When Terri (area supervisor) brought the pizza for lunch, she was stunned.  She had only been gone an hour and half to run and errand and then get trash bags and pick up lunch.  The place looked nothing like when she had left. “

The city gave us permission to burn the grass and tree limbs which was GREAT so we didn’t have to bag up what would have been over 200 bags of grass – and I do NOT think that is an exaggeration.

THE WORK TEAMS: After taking down the small shed, Mr. Wilson directed the raking and burn pile,  Mr. Shackleford directed the removing of the fence and the posts (going back tomorrow to remove 20 more posts) Both of those leaders working as hard as the kids. Shelby (alumni leader) managed the raking and trash team. Miss Swanson managed the inside cleaning team. I worked on all the teams except the fence and shed removal team. (If you don’t know my propensity for accidents, be proud of that decision) and I was the mama bear staying on top of everyone staying hydrated.

We should finish tomorrow … hopefully early.  They didn’t have another project so I was hoping we could start our day later on Wednesday and then do a couple of random acts of kindness in town and then work on/practice the Wednesday night program for the church in Boswell. However, another department found out we’re here and are begging for our help Wednesday morning.  I’ll find out tomorrow what that entails.

Thank you for your prayers, please continue.  Talking with the leaders during the day I believe there were good cabin devotional times after our evening devo together last night.  What a great opportunity we have, spending time together, talking about our heart’s desires and what we feel God is saying to us.  How does that walk itself out?  How can I stay faithful to my relationship with Jesus?

Good stuff!

TONIGHT’S DEVO TIME continued sharing

Mr Wilson continued sharing his testimony and those times in his life where there was an obstacle in his path to deter him from the path he was on. He shared the decisions he needed to make – the successes and the times he realized, he needed to get back on track.

We talked about how it won’t be easy, in fact you might be put in uncomfortable situations, yet in your obedience to God, you can bring contentment and comfort… finding that you can be content even when things are not what you would consider perfect or fun, but through obedience to God, your heart can find contentment. This will grow your faith.

1 Sam  16: 14- 23

God brought David into the next situation of his life –  David didn’t try to make it happen

The situation was uncomfortable – however, God used David to bring comfort –  because he was obedient and trusted God to bring about his plans.

After devo time, we broke into our two ministry teams – Elementary and Middle School.  We talked through and then practiced.  I think they are going to do a great job!

Again, thank you for praying for all of us.

Calling it a night!

Mrs. g


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