Sunday Night – Hugo Lake State Park – God’s Handiwork

It is hard to describe to those who have not been here, what a beautiful place this is.  Everything is green and the lake is full.  This afternoon the lake was as smooth as glass.  Because there are very few street lights and there were no clouds in the sky, the sky is an amazing thing to behold. Are there really that many stars in the sky? Then I think of the promise that God gave to Abraham … “I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore”  Wow!

What a great place to be with this great group of kids and leaders.

Tomorrow we head to our project.  We’re all excited to be here.

I had told the boys there weren’t places to hang their hammocks.  I was wrong.  In one of the cabins, the beams are perfect for hammocks… it’s pretty amazing.  I’ll try to get a picture and post it!

We have had so much fun already.

Tonight, after dinner, Mr. Wilson shared a brief version his testimony.  Tomorrow night he is going to share more.

We then went back to our individual cabins and read 1 Samuel 16:13-16. (really start with verse 1)

We will be discussing David; how God called him, how David responded, how David knew he could trust God

Vs. 7 talks about how man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart.  Aren’t you glad? Don’t you wish others would do the same for you? Or … would you not want them to even see what your heart is thinking? Or  do you desire to have a heart that would do that for others … not judge by what we see on the outside, but ask God to show us how he sees others? That’s just one of the things we will be focusing on.

After Samuel anointed David to be the next King, David went back to the field… he trusted God with the ‘in the meantime’ … David knew that there was a bigger purpose than what he was living at that moment, but he ‘that moment’ was important too, and it was a part of the journey, knowing that he could trust that God would bring him to that place, in His time and at the right time .  God has a plan for each of these students.  I pray that they too will trust God with all their heart. That they will allow God to guide them each step of the way as they grow into the destiny God has created them for.

A lot of things to think on… Please pray for your student …

I’ll check in tomorrow night! Until then …  Thank you for your prayers!


Mrs. G

Be blessed and highly flavored … you are the salt of the earth!  ~ g

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