A Day of Last Times, Surprises and Ping Pong in the Park

It has been an amazing day. It has been an emotional day. It has been a really fun day!

Getting up knowing that it’s your last full day at the foster home and every moment counts makes you treasure everything; one more bowl of rice, playing with the kids, planting flowers, painting the mural, riding the bikes, baking cupcakes for the Easter party, landscaping clean up, dancing with the ladies on the playground court, playing ping pong in the park with the locals. 

Ten years ago I took that year’s senior class on Summit’s 2nd International Senior Class Trip. It was an amazing trip (I know I say that about everyone, but, HEY … It was!) Travis Hall was with me on that trip to England and France.  While on that trip God got a hold of Travis’ heart and here he is, 10 years later, serving the Lord, stationed in the UAE and this week he and Emily are in China. I couldn’t believe it when I saw his update email that he would be in China the same time I was and I wouldn’t be able to see him. Weeellllll……  He surprised me today while I was working on a project and he and Emily walked into the room.  Yes.  Of course I cried!  LOL   It was a sweet time and after dinner he and Emily shared with the team during our evening devotional. Travis shared his journey from high school thru college to where he is now. The kids asked questions and my heart could hardly contain the joy watching Travis and Emily do what they were created to do.  Encourage and impact others out of their love for and relationship with Jesus Christ.  They prayed for us and then we prayed for them, then they headed back to Beijing to get ready for their week.

We ended the day going to the small village grocery store to get our last Chinese snacks and some more ping pong paddles. We then headed to the village park to interact with the local people of the village. The last games of ping pong… The last basketball game… Our last time to join in the ladies line dancing. (Seriously sweet, fun time) Thru Jay we thanked the ladies for allowing us to join them in their evening dance movement fun. They were so precious.  The coaches had a great time getting ‘schooled’ in ping pong. (They weren’t half bad themselves)  Aston and Jay playing basketball and the Hannah and Yasmine doing exercises on the playground exercise equipment.  Jane and Grace rode bicycles. It was a beautiful night I doubt any of us will ever forget. Our last night in China

The kids would really love to stay and keep telling me they are SURE they can find some chips and queso… HA!  However, we are coming home tomorrow. 

This has been the trip of a lifetime.  These young men and women have represented well and really bonded on this trip. They have been easy to lead. They are kind, hardworking, talented, funny, respectful and hungry to learn and excel with excellence in everything they do.

We have experienced a lot of things.

Your student might:

Talk your ear off

Not talk at all

Tell you things in small spurts

It might take a few days to express what they experienced

 Be patient. Pray. Listen with your heart!

Thank you so much for allowing your student to come on this trip. I cannot wait to see what they accomplish when they allow every step to be ordered by the Lord.

 We are here for them.  We’ve told them that and I pray they believe it and know our hearts and doors are always open.

 We will see you soon.  Pray for safe flights, great seats and for all of our luggage to get home when we do.


Mrs. G

 Depart Beijing 4:10pm      Arrive Chicago 4:25pm UA850

Depart Chicago 7:43pm    Arrive Austin  10:34pm  UA511


Please keep watch on the flights and be there waiting. I know they’ll be anxious to see you!








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