It Just Keeps Getting Better

It just keeps getting better and better.

It was another wonderful day of playing with the children, cleaning playground equipment and painting the mural.

We have laughed and laughed until we cried… then laughed some more.

We have shared and had our hearts challenged and encouraged.

Tonight we had dinner in town with part of the staff.  It was delicious.  The ‘Home’ let us use their bicyles and their tuk tuk thingy to go into town.  We are a sight going down the road… shouting ‘neehow’ (?) or heelllooo!  To people walking, in their yards, working in the fields. When they look up their faces just brighten up and they shout back.  The students are just loving interacting with the culture.

Tonight’s devotional was amazing and then the debrief and blessing time was phenomenal.  We went around the table and spent time sharing with each other the positive things we see in each other.  Very touching.

It’s another full work day tomorrow!  Playing with the children, finishing the mural, making Easter cupcakes, landscaping and more playing. AND…. praying on sight with insight. The kids truly don’t want to come home but … they will. : )

Please continue to pray as God is doing incredible things in our hearts.  All our hearts.

Please begin to pray for our flights home Saturday.  We leave China Sat afternoon and return to Austin Saturday evening. Pray that God will protect what He has done in their hearts on this trip and each of the students will continue to pursue God with all their heart.

Mrs. g

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