A Rescued Life – A Wrecked Heart – A Prayer To Be Answered


Being able to work with these precious children,  that have been rescued and given an opportunity to live – will wreck your heart. Sitting on the floor, holding a child that has fallen asleep on your chest because they trust the arms they are resting in, is overwhelming.  Then you pray in your heart for God to unite this heart with a family that will treasure him/her like He does.

The time we get to spend in the nurseries and loving on the babies is an important part of their development and the fact we are getting to participate in this is kind of wrecking some hearts. That’s good.

During the children’s naptime part of the team planted 1500 plants.  Yes… fifteen hundred plants. Jay Sun was the landscaping designer. Not kidding!

Our DREAM TEAM – Hannah, Jane and Grace have the honor of painting a mural on the walls of the nurse’s examination room.  The leadership here had sent an email 2 days before we left asking if we had artists.  Do we have artist?  Why, yes… yes we do!  We sent one picture from each of the girl’s portfolios and the email came back quickly. YES, we want them to meet with us to draw and paint.

They met with the nurse and one of the directors and came up with precious designs and they are underway to bring color and life to a room that can be scary to little ones. They feel so honored and they are doing a beautiful job.

We are also helping make scrapbooks – Scrapbook team members: Yasmine, Jay, Aston and Mrs. G.

Tomorrow we bake cupcakes, clean playground equipment, scrapbooking, painting murals, more landscaping and lovin’ on babies.

Tonight in debrief we talked about their future and their life statement.  What is going to be their personal ‘tagline’ ?     They have been given 6 scriptures with questions to ponder and then to be working on their personal goals.

Please pray the girls get the mural finished, the scrapbooks finished, the cupcakes turn out great and the playground equipment looks like new after we’re done.  Pray we continue to stay healthy and that God gives us the prayers to pray in agreement with his heart for this ministry.

Till tomorrow

Mrs. G

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