China – The Adventure Begins

20170407_041023Hi family and friends!

I’m not sure how long ago it was that we left Austin, Texas, but it feels like it took us 89 hours to get here to Beijing!  All of our luggage arrived with us … YAY!  Our duffle bag suffered a little travel stress but doesn’t look like we lost anything out of it.

Our hotel is a 4 star hotel. It is very nice. My room (Mrs G) has a small meeting/business type room attached to it so it is the student’s hang out room.

Dinner was at a local restaurant – dumplings, bamboo, mushrooms, cucumbers & peanut salad.  DELISH!  I am not going to name names, but Coach Hughes and myself had a little difficulty mastering the chop sticks.  It was funny watching the people, watch Hughes as he walked through the door.

Off to the local super market to stock up on drinking water and snacks… and now a little chill time.

Tomorrow we will all go to the International Church and then to the Forbidden City, lunch and shopping at an outside market.

Our JE guide Rachel is great. Our on the ground Chinese guide is great.  This is going to be a wonderful trip!

Mrs. G

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One thought on “China – The Adventure Begins

  1. Karen Douglas

    I am so happy for this report!Praying

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