A Great Day

1 New Orleans Levi 9th 2017It was a full day today!

We got to sleep in and then feasted on breakfast tacos! Yum!  The kids really enjoyed them.  I have to brag on their servants hearts.  Everyone always wanted to help in the kitchen, cleanup, etc.  Love that.

For devotions we talked about being friends or frenemies!  Are we decent to your face and then brutal behind your back?  Or we just tolerant of each other or can we be willing to push past a comfort zone and learn more about each other. By doing this we can enrich our lives and grow stronger as a class. Each student drew another student’s name out of a bowl.  They would have the day to think about the great attributes of that classmate.  Before dinner they would write what they saw in them and then give them a scripture. .. to bless them.

After morning devotions we headed to our painting project and really got a lot done!  The YWAM team leader Nick kept bragging on our kids and how meticulous they were, how careful they were with the paint and how respectful they are.  He told us that many times he just has the team stop and tells them, “I have another team coming tomorrow to finish so we need to leave something for them.” In reality, the team is him and another YWAM team leader. He said teams show up not really wanting to serve. That makes trying to lead them very difficult.

You can be proud of your students.  They were amazing.  We still have the 9th Ward and Garden District tour I wanted to do with them.  If you remember the devastation from hurricane Katrina, the 9th ward is where the large levy broke and almost completely wiped out a neighborhood.

There is a memorial with pictures so they could see the before and after the levy broke. There are still some houses with the large X’s on them that were put there by the disaster relief teams checking for people, pets, turning off electricity, gas, etc.  Then in drastic contrast we went to the garden district down St Charles Street.  The large mansions are so beautiful and speak of great wealth.

We had our final dinner with Steve and Bronwen Niles and then returned to the base house and spoke our blessings over each other.  The students shared about how the week had been a great week.  They could tell they had worked as a team. They noticed that they could work together and work hard and not complain no matter what they were asked to do.

It has been a wonderful time here in New Orleans.  Thank you for letting your student come and serve the people of New Orleans.

Everyone is in their bunk rooms.

We plan to leave about 6:45 – 7:00 in the morning.  Because of traffic, bathroom stops, etc it is hard to give an exact arrival time.  At this point we are saying anywhere between 4:30 – 6:00 pm.

We will stay in touch to let you know.  When we are 30 minutes out we will have your students call you.  Please be at the school waiting on us.  I know this can be frustrating but your drivers cannot leave until all the students are picked up. It will have been a long day of driving for them and I hope to get them home as soon as we can after the students leave the campus.

See you tomorrow

In Him

Mrs. G

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