Made to Glorify Him!

We started the day with practice for the afternoon Kid’s Club ministry and filling the sacks for the kids to take with them as the afternoon ended.

Our first stop of the day:   YWAM Pregnancy Care Center – This ministry that YWAM has had going for many years has saved many babies and in reality, moms and dads.  Last year the 9th grade celebrated as the abortion clinic that was next door was completely shut down because they lost their license never to be able to open again. Our team was able to step foot on the property and worship and praise God for what He had done. This year, we were able to continue that, and pray about the future of the building. Our students laid their hands on the building asking God to give a new name to the address and that the business that would continue there would be one that honored and glorified God.  YWAM has heard that a Catholic church wants to buy it and have a Pro Life museum.  We don’t know God’s plans but we trust what He has in store.

Our second stop of the day:  The Gazebo Café and the French Market Shopping. We had first time cat fish, gator and shrimp eaters.  The food was GREAT (a little price hike from last year) but we were also entertained by a jazz band. They were amazing!  We got compliments from the waiters on how polite our students were. They were a joy to serve.  Don’t get that very often. Shopping in the French Market was a lot of fun. We had on our team shirts and all of us got stopped by many people giving us the opportunity to tell why we were here.  It was a blessing to us and to many vendors thanking us for coming and blessing their city.

Our third stop of the day: Fisher House Projects.  Our kids did great. We spent an hour playing with the children then did our program.  To be loving to the children, we aren’t supposed to take more than one team picture – us with the children. We forgot, we were so caught up in prayer time at the end.  I could take pictures of our kids, and got a few, but got so caught up in watching our students act out the skit and forgot to take a picture.  Trust me… they were amazing!  And funny!  The children were laughing and cheering and booing!  They really enjoyed it. Even though I didn’t get many pictures to share and to help document the moment,  I know the moments will be burned into the hearts of these students.  The singing and skits were awesome!   Dylan and Justin did a FANTASTIC job of sharing their testimony. The kids sat quiet (miracle) as they shared.  I think the children were shock that some kids from a private Christian School could relate to any part of their story.  The boys sharing opened the doors for the children to share their own needs as we broke into small groups to be able to pray for them and their daily issues.

Our fourth stop of the day: Chick-filet. I’m just sayin!  We got complimented again, and asked for business cards, web site, would I come to their school and share and teach… ha!  It was amazing to look over in the corner and seventeen 9th graders were sitting quietly, visiting, eating and not being a disturbance. Chick-Fil-A workers complimented as well.

Our fifth stop of the day: Back at the base house and debriefing. This really is a special time to me as we go around the room and everyone shares.  To hear the funny things that happened throughout the day and we all laughed together and to hear what touched their hearts and made an impression. We ended the evening with worship.

Our sixth stop will be the bed.  We’ve got another hour before everyone retires to their bunk rooms… then we get a good night’s sleep to be ready for our last day here in New Orleans.

We have on schedule to paint again tomorrow; however, it will depend on the weather. If the house it still too damp from tonight’s rain, we might need to do Plan B or C or D or …. It doesn’t matter we are excited for what God has in store for us!

Please pray for your student and the other students that God protects what he did in each of our hearts today. Pray that tomorrow we take every moment to glorify him and to honor one another. Pray for our trip home – good weather and safe trip.

I’ll be checking in with you tomorrow!

Mrs. G



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