He Provides Before We Know We Have a Need!



What a mighty God we serve!  He provides before we know we have a need.

We started our morning with a devotional on Romans 12 preparing our hearts to use our whole bodies as a living sacrifice.  EVERYTHING we do counts.  And we are each so fearfully and wonderfully made, and we were made to honor and glorify God. Pray that as we go through our days here, that each student will realize how easy it can by to offer all of who we are to God, having willing hearts to serve, encourage each other and others, give all our attention to what God is doing at the moment and to honor one another as we honor God…. Just for starters.

I shared about meeting Carole and Lou at Whataburger and the gift of money they sowed into our week.  $140.00. This morning as we were heading to our work project, I got the phone call that we were supposed to be told that we needed to have paint brushes for the project.  Well, we now needed to purchase paint brushes for 21 people to paint the outside of the house.  Checking out, the paint and supplies cost $140.08.  What was so amazing is Carole and Lou told us, “Use the money however you need to.  We don’t care if you need it for food, gas or whatever. We’re just doing what God told us to do.”

We got as much work done as we could before it started sprinkling, loaded up and headed back to our base house.  There we practiced for the Kids Club tomorrow afternoon. These kids are so fun and honestly, so talented. We had fun practicing the songs with the motions and the skit… oh my word … the skit.  We’re telling the story of Saul – becoming Paul.  A bully, a person that felt confident he was doing the right thing, then met Jesus and it changed him.

Pray for Sam –  He is our team ‘leader’ .  Introducing our team and leading the program

Dylan and Justin –  They both feel they have a story to share with the kids. So they each are giving a testimony.

In the skit – Dylan, Sam, Garret, Sean, Josh, Cade, Hailee  (they are awesome – everyone)

Leading the songs – Garrett, Sunny,  Sean, Hailee, Olivia, Isabel and Hannah

Leading the crown control – Paul, Chase, Kevin, Nick,

After dinner we met Steve and Bronwen (YWAM directors) at the ferry and rode it across and went to Jackson Square for a small history lesson.  Miss Jacobson was quite excited – it was information she had taught them and they were getting to see exactly where some things had taken place… like the actual building where the Louisiana Purchase was signed.  We ended with beignets at Café DuMonde!

We returned to our base and recapped our day.  It is so much fun hearing the thoughts of the day expressed through each student.  It was this evening when we shared about how at the last minute I had to go and purchase the paint brushes they needed.  Then I told them, I hadn’t put it in the budget and the paint brushes cost about $140 dollars.   It took them a couple of seconds and then they realized…  We had been given $140 to use however and wherever we needed it.  IT WAS AWESOME seeing their faces and realizing.  God provided before we understood we had a need.

He’s just like that. Isn’t he?

Please pray for our day tomorrow.  We are going to one of YWAM’s  crisis pregnancy centers.  We just prayer walk it and pray for their ministry.  Then we’re going to the French Market for lunch.  At about 3:30 we will be at Fisher House Project loving on some special kids and then sharing a message of answered prayers, miracles and hope!

The kids are having a blast.  As we debriefed one of the students said, “I’m really having fun getting to know the teachers in a different way.”  One of the teachers echoed back, “It’s the same for us too!”

Serving a long side one another breaks down expectations and barriers and puts us all on the same course … to serve those in need … to be the hands, feet, voice and heart of Christ.

Until tomorrow

Mrs. G





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