The Grinch Can’t Steal Christmas When Jesus is ALL You Need!

The Grinch can’t steal Christmas when Jesus is all You Need

As we were driving through Brunet we saw that Main Street Bethlehem was open and it wasn’t raining. We got in line – in the first 50 people.  As we were about to go in, it began to lightly mist, so we quickly walked through the line.  The kids were so excited! (We had QUITE A BIT of Bethlehem bread)  It was very cool.

We had dinner and then headed to the camp.  We unloaded and had a brief devotional …

We are comparing the Grinch and Zacchaeus – and how Jesus sees what others do not

(Cindy Lou could see something about the Grinch that others could not)


Tonight we are reading   Matt 9:36   about the compassion of Jesus, and Luke 19:1-10   – The story of Zacchaeus

When the story of Jesus intertwines with ours … when His story becomes our story, we have the ability to treat the helpless and the rejected with kindness and give value to their lives.

Tomorrow we have the privilege of helping at the Meals on Wheels facility, preparing the meals to go out into the community and we will be helping to sort and wrap over 100 presents for the clients for Christmas.  The gifts we wrap will be the only gift most of them get. We will pray over them and have a wonderful time working together. We will also meet client that come to the center to eat.  So we will have the opportunity to show God’s love and kindness to them. To show them they are valued.

After lunch we will head to the Rehab Center and Nursing Home and sing Christmas Carols with the residents and then play bingo and do Christmas crafts together. It will be a full day.

We are going to have many opportunities to show kindness and give value to those we meet. To show God’s love  to those that still have never received God’s amazing grace.  We get to bring smiles to the lonely and hopeless.   I am so excited to be able to partner with your students tomorrow.

Pray for us to look for the good in each other and in others that we meet. Pray we will be an encouragement to them. Pray that we will bring Jesus to them in our words and actions.

Pray that that we all will see that Jesus is who we need. He is all we need!


Bless you

Mrs. G


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