We always cheer when we hear Summit is coming!

tejas-bb-courttejas-canoe-racestejas-cotton-ballstejas-free-fall-jumptejas-prayer-1tejas-trees-2tejas-trees-3tejas-treestejas-worshipWe always cheer when we hear Summit is coming!

We were told that statement three times today.  What a compliment toward your students, and a compliment to all former classes coming and serving before us.

Our team leader this morning prayed with us and said, “We love Summit! When we are in our meeting going over the agenda and we say, Summit will be here on Monday, the whole team cheers.  We know you are going to work hard and Summit always has great leaders and great kids that are ready and willing to serve.”   Then our team leader prayed and we got to work.  An hour and half later I texted her to let her know we were done and were already vacuuming the room from putting together MANY Christmas trees and where did she want us to serve next.  The reply was … oh my, you are kidding?  Would you like some free time?  Then she called me and said, “Seriously, we thought it would take you all day.”  Awesome!  These kids have worked so hard.  We spent time praying for the people who would come into that building to hear the gospel of Jesus.  I was so proud that almost everyone said a prayer. It was very moving.

Tejas  had to figure something out for us to do!  I love that.  So, we actually had free time early and  after lunch we hung lights by wrapping the trees behind the pond and very quickly ran out of lights. We. Are. Fast!

Time for another break so we headed to the  Coffee shop and free fall tower then back to the lights in the trees after they brought more lights.  It was a fun afternoon.

Tonight during our devotional time, we continued on our topic of expectations  and disappointments – When things don’t turn out how we wanted or felt they should, this then brings doubts/disappointment/frustration/anger  in our relationship with God.  –  All of us spent time privately  writing down those things in our lives that did not turn out how we wanted them to .…  We each folded up our list and those lists are in a jar that no one is going to look at, and we will throw them away tomorrow.   We spent time in prayer and worship.  It was a sweet time.  Afterwards we went as a team to the tunnel of lights  (the entrance to Lights of Tejas) and we prayed for the people who would be walking through that tunnel. We prayed for people that would have the same disappointments, frustrations, worries, fears that we struggle with and that they would allow the God that created them, to touch their lives and heal them. We prayed again for those that would hear the gospel for the first time and for those that have turned away from God, that they would be drawn back to a relationship with him.

Free time!   Then back to the cabins at 8:30 –  showers, quiet time, sleep zzzzzzzzzz !

These kids are hard workers and it is an honor to be here with them.  Thank you for allowing your student to come and serve Tejas!  Tomorrow will be another great day of serving!

Be blessed!

Mrs. G

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