We have a story to tell

We made it to Camp Tejas so here we are, for the next 3 days, serving Camp Tejas for their Christmas outreach, ‘The Lights of Tejas’!  It opens the weekend after Thanksgiving and goes thru then end of December. Thousands of people come and have fun   playing lots of games, enjoying the food, zip lining, special entertainment but the most important thing going on is their telling the story of the Good News of Jesus Christ with lights, lazers, and all kinds of special effects.

After dinner we had orientation, going over the ground rules.  Then, what a blessing, Jacqueline blessed us all when Coach Taylor got his guitar out and asked the kids which song they would like to sing from chapel… many shouted, “Oceans”!  Coach said, “Okay, if Jacqueline will come up and sing it”!   Everyone cheered!   What a beautiful voice singing an amazing song about God’s grace and how we can trust him.  A perfect lead in, to our evening devotional.  We have a story to tell – the story of Jesus! Sometimes our story gets sidetracked or completely derailed because of circumstances, disappointments, unmet expectations, etc. Pray for all of us as we serve and pray for the people coming to ‘The Lights of Tejas’!  Pray that during these next days we will allow God to touch our hearts, give him our disappointments and trust him with our hearts desires… after all… He has a hope and a future for each of us … we can trust Him.

The people that will be coming to the LOT (Lights of Tejas)  need to know that too.  We will be praying for them, to experience the hope and the healing that is available through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Mrs. G


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