Dangerous Decisions

2 Dangerous Decisions – To stay in the boat or to get out of the boat

I don’t think I can adequately tell about today, but I am going to try.  The kids rocked this morning.

I was so proud of them.  They were all so nervous right before they started sharing but they pushed through and really spoke words of encouragement.  Each one did their part well and allowed the Holy Spirit to speak through them.  It was a team effort and each time of ministry was a time of fun, truth, encouragement and blessing. Doing the craft time with the Primary students was so much fun.  The students loved hearing our students try to talk ‘British’.   But there were also moments of sadness.  The few children left were sad that they would no longer be going to this school after this year and they missed their teachers.  For the teachers, they told me it has been a time of something they love collapsing and they are grieving.  Our hearts were broken.

We made reservations at our own hotel for a FISH and CHIPS dinner for those who wanted it.  The chef held back 6 dinners for us and made us a small ‘reserved’ corner in the VERY small dining area!  It was delicious!

While at the school the administrative secretary came up to me right before we were leaving and handed me a piece of paper.  It had written 2 things on it.

  1. The directions to a set of cottages that had been built in 1609 right down from our hotel
    1. Just a place of history and interest – she lived in one and she said she would invite us but it was so small she could not fit our whole team in there.
  2. She invited us to a monthly worship service at the United Reformed Church. It would be an hour of praise and an hour preaching. It started at 8pm

I thanked her and told her we would try to come for the worship and might be a little late because of our time the chef was going to cook for us.  Also, we needed to pack and debrief for the evening so that might be a little late to stay for the whole thing.

Don’t you just love how God sets things up?

We go see the cottages.  We have our fish and chips, lamb, etc. etc.  Then we go over to the church.  We are 20 minutes late and make our way in.  The worship was coming to an end and I start coughing so bad I have to leave.  I can’t believe it but I’m seriously choking and coughing.  I get it under control.  Am walking back in, and am motioning to the kids so come on let’s leave.  About that time, the minister says, I hear we have a group from Texas?  Will you stand?  The kids all look at me…. I walk to them… we stand… everyone claps… the kids all look at me again … I say… we’re staying, everyone have a seat.  They shake their heads, they know… we shouldn’t leave.

The speaker is a national speaker in England encouraging the church.  He got the microphone and it is hard to describe the rest of the service.  Powerful would be one word.  He would make you laugh as he challenged your heart to the very core.  Every point he made… was one of our points that we felt the Lord had given us to encourage The Kings School.  The kids kept turning and looking at me like… whaaat?  Did he just say that?  It was a divine moment for each one of us.

Let’s just say that tonight’s debrief was one of the most powerful ones I’ve ever led!  Everyone trusted each other and shared their hearts. God affirmed and confirmed. God challenged and blessed.

We want to be a people that will

  1. Go deeper with God
  2. Dream bigger
  3. Go together
  4. Understand it is all through Him.

Then he said “It is a dangerous prayer to relinquish control of your life. Picture Peter in the boat with the disciples. There were 2 decisions being made. Both decisions were dangerous.  To get out of the boat was dangerous … but to stay in the boat was equally dangerous.


I pray, that your student will always have a heart that is willing and wanting to go deeper with God

I pray that your student will make dangerous decisions … to get out of the boat of comfort, complacency and self-service.

I pray that they will understand that when God made them … He was showing off!

They are created to do BIG THINGS in the kingdom of God!

I pray that they will feel God’s pleasure when they do what they were created to do… and in doing it… they glorify God

They could hardly process, it was one of the longest debriefs ever.  Pray that they will not lose what happened to, through and in them.

Give them time… they might just talk your head off… or they might just need some rest and then will be able to talk.

Through prayer, I am joining you and praying that the Holy Spirit seals the work he has done in them thus far and he will continue the good work that He has begun in them.

In debrief Dr. Founta said something like this, “It’s really obvious that God talked to us today. All of this shows His word is powerful. We see what it does to people. We came on this trip with our prayers and a message for the school.  But this sermon today was speaking to us to show us, God really heard our petition. It’s not surprising this is really what he wanted us to talk about to the kids. His spirit gave us the words, and through the words shared tonight, he taught us that he heard us . He will answer our prayers,  it means that whatever will happen with the school,  is better than what we think will happen. Tonight was him talking to us, he will do something about it. Prayer works.”

Yes, yes it does!

We are coming home tomorrow!  Pray for safe flights, good seats, luggage to arrive, easy passage through customs and maybe some sleep.

(Bobby – that would be an unsweet tea tomorrow night… and a pound of bacon on Sunday morning, and Mexican food on Sunday evening!) Ha!

Thank you for allowing me the honor of being with your students…


Mrs. G






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