Sight seeing – Practicing

This morning started with a hearty English breakfast ( I don’t care what the boys say, the bacon does NOT look like pig’s ears – well, it does sort of ).  We then went to The Kings School and met with Russ Beese ( the head teacher) and talked about tomorrow morning.  He showed our students where they will be doing the ministry with the Primary and Secondary students.

Returning to the hotel, we spent the next hour and half praying and going over the 2 programs “Run the Race”.  The students are going to do great.  For some it will stretch them and I am really excited for them to see they have the ability to speak life into others’ lives. The school is going to have to close and it has been a very sad process for them.  They have been in operation for 35 years. Financially they cannot continue. The school has lost many families that have already left to find their new school home.  A homeschool group is forming from the parents that know it will come to an end.  They are trying to keep just a small group for the next school year so those students can pass their exam, having worked for many years with these teachers.

I do believe the scriptures and the words we are sharing are for the teachers as well as the students.

When we finished we headed to the train station and got our round trip tickets to Winchester! We got there 7 minutes before the train left.  AWESOME!

Our time in Winchester was really fun.  We went to the Cathedral first and got a quick tour, then headed into town for lunch and shopping and sightseeing. When that was done, we headed back to the train station, and as we were going through the gates we realized the train was coming in 3 minutes.  Just in time again!

I have been bragging about this little place on the same street as our hotel where Mr. Marks and I both had the best fish and chips last year.  So I take all the students there… we find enough seats for us all.  About 5-6 students want fish and chips.  They only have 3 servings left… WHAAAAAAT?  So he tells us to quickly go down to Angel’s theirs is just as good and they will surely have enough, as it is a much larger restaurant.  We hurry to Angels, the first person orders, and they are out of fish and chips.  Unbelieveable, inconceivable, unimaginable, unthinkable!  Soooooo, we’ll try again tomorrow.

We are about to practice again for tomorrow.  Please pray for us!  We want to be a blessing.

2 hours later:

The practice was long – in a hot room – which makes it so hard to stay focused… but they did great!  I am so proud of all of them.  I think we have a great message of hope and encouragement.

We’ll let you know how it goes!   Please pray for the kids that are speaking, leading the games and crafts, sharing stories, and praying.

  1. I am not alone
  2. Defeat the hurdles
  3. Keep my eyes on Jesus

Mrs. G


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