Basingstoke – Winchester

We are in Basingstoke! Ready for the next adventure.

We started our journey here on the ferry – a 3.5 hour ride.  There were a few of us that struggled with the ‘movement’ of the boat… I’m not sure the gift shop still has any seabands left.

We landed in Wales and then took a 5 hours bus ride to Basingstoke!  Woohoo!  The kids were great and even though we were 8.5 hours on the move, we still managed to check in, go to the huge mall next door, shop, eat dinner and then meet together getting ready for our ministry time at The King School on Friday.

Pray for the students as some of them will be sharing in front of everyone. We will share the theme running the race, scripture, and the stories of Derek Redmond and Eric Liddell.  We will be encouraging and challenging the students AND ourselves, to run the race with endurance.

  1. Others have gone before us and their testimony can encourage us
  2. What keeps us from running well – what or WHO stands in the way?
  3. Fix our eyes on Jesus

Shelby, Trevor, Danielle and Tyler will all be sharing the points above and the stories of Eric and Derek.

Troy will be our main meeting prayer leader

Max, Robert, Cody, Gabby, Amber, Laura, Justin will each help lead a game or crafts and they ALL will be with the students in the small groups encouraging and praying with them.

Tomorrow morning we go to the school so SCA can see where they will be, we will come back and rehearse in a meeting room in the hotel. After that we will head to Winchester and then in the afternoon, return and rehearse.

Please pray for our students.  Last year it was a huge blessing to the students and the teachers.  This year it will be the same. We appreciate your prayers that SCA will just be relaxed and enjoy sharing the the stories, scriptures and the encouraging word  …   we run to win the crown of life!

In the world of sports, only one wins the gold …. In the kingdom of God … we ALL can win –  Jesus has already won the victory for us … we just need to be Christ followers, keep our eyes fixed on him.  Prov 3:5-6   Lean not on our own understanding, but in all our ways acknowledge him and He will direct our paths…. That path leads to eternal life!


Mrs. G

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