A Beautiful Day on the Kerry Ring

The Kerry Ring – A tour around the county of Kerry!

The weather of the day turned out perfect!  We started out overdressed, so we wouldn’t have a repeat of the day before. The skies cleared, the wind was not there. Prayers answered … beautiful day!

The scenery is beautiful and I must warn you parents.  Many students say they are coming back, or they are going to live here.

What we’ve seen: The mountains, the flora, particularly the Gorse which is a yellow flower that smells like coconut (for real), the rivers, streams and bays, the Atlantic Ocean again, the rocks (limestone), the ruins, houses with thatched roofs, the castles, the Muckross House, the rock garden, the ice cream, fish and chips (okay, not everyone on the fish and chips), the sheep dog, the sheep, the dog rounding up the sheep, the baby lambs. And we did it all in 8 hours!  It was a LOT of things to take in, however, our tour guide’s knowledge of Ireland, and the many back stories is amazing. He told us when he had retired and told him he would be a great tour guide, and we can see why.

After a delicious dinner it was time to go hear real Irish music.  Our bus driver/tour guide showed us the best place to go to hear authentic Irish music. And he advised us to get there a few minutes early to get a seat. So we got there, ordered our 7-ups and Cokes and coffee and the band starts showing up.  One of the kids says, “Hey, is that Michael, our tour guide?”  HA, no wonder it was the best group in town. There he was, a guest musician playing with the band. There was a little line dancing and a lot of laughter!

Jumping back to dinner…  At my table we were reflecting on what made the most impact on us.  There were different moments for different people.  Ireland’s history can break your heart. Just taking the potato famine in the 1800’s almost half of Ireland’s population was gone by the end of the devastation.  The injustice to the Catholics for hundreds of years and the conflicts between the Protestants and Catholics were heartbreaking to listen to.  The fairies and the underworld, it is serious business here. Our tour guide doesn’t believe anything. There are many things to pray about. Just standing and looking at God’s creation and letting him speak to your heart.

Tomorrow is another day of touring. Blarney Castle and those that want to, can kiss the “Stone of Eloquence” as they call it.  We will visit the Blarney Woollen Mills and then on to Waterford.  We’ll stay the night there and then Wednesday morning we will take the ferry from Rosslare to Pembrokeshire, Wales. We will hop aboard our next motor coach and head to Basingstoke and The King’s School and an afternoon in Winchester.

Closing with an Irish Blessing

“May the blessings of each day

Be the blessings you need most”

Mrs. G

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