The weather … it was something Fierce!

A windy wet day in Ireland … actually a gale and icy rainy day at the Cliffs of Moher…  Fierce Weather they say!

Our guide was waiting on us … Michael, our very knowledgeable guide and driver.  He gave us more than we had actually planned on which was great. So we got to see more of Ireland’s landscape. The Burren, a geological beauty with blue limestone, plants, bird life and insects.  The wind was so strong, we could hardly stand up. (This ends up being the theme of the day). The boys in shorts … not a good idea.  They were given the chance to change their clothes, however, they chose poorly! Tomorrow will be another day. No choice given.


All over Ireland there are ruins everywhere; churches, farm houses, castles, (Red Mary’s castle –  chunking John Cooper off the top) fences, barns, etc.  Some places were abandoned from the potato blight devastation, from political uprising, from confiscation.  If the weather had cooperated we would have stopped more often.


We crossed the Shannon River on a ferry to make our way to Killarney!

Heading to Killarney High Tower Hotel   to check in, have dinner and hopefully an early evening.

Everyone SHOULD be tired!  (in fact fell asleep writing this, woke up to post it) Talk to you soon!

Thank you for your prayers!

Here’s to tomorrow!  Praying for another wonderful day with a little bit more warmth and a lot less wind!

Mrs. G


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2 thoughts on “The weather … it was something Fierce!

  1. Thx for the updates Ms G – means a lot & praying for everyone. Wind be still in Jesus name. We love you all.
    PSam & PKMata

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