Never again – the theme for the day!


We visited the Holocaust Museum today and we were honored to be able to hear the story of David Bayer, an Auschwitz survivor.  He is 93 years old.  I cannot even begin to try to write things about his story, just that he was one of the most impacting  ‘first person’ speaker testimonies I have ever heard.  I am sure your student will share the details.  Ask your student to tell you about him. Every student had something to say about him during the debriefing tonight. Soon there will be no more survivors so these live testimonies and recordings are so important for the future.

The holocaust museum itself is overwhelming.  Even though you are walking slow, taking your time,  with opportunities to sit and ponder, it is emotionally draining. As a couple of students said tonight, it is unbelievable what one human soul can do to another. Appalling really!  David showed his scar on his neck – where they did surgery without any anesthesia, where he had been shot in the leg and his tattoo on his arm. As he works in the Museum every Wednesday, identifying pictures of people who came from his home town. Helping descendants of holocaust victims reconnect through pictures, etc.  David’s memory is so amazing. He can look at pictures of people from his hometown during the time before he was first taken hostage by the Germans and identify them.  David’s ability to identify people from 70 years ago helps the museum contact family members.  What an amazing thing for him to be able to do.

Never again was the theme throughout the day.

There is so much more, but it is very late and we have another long day tomorrow.

We head to Gettysburg for a tour then back to finish our Embassy Row prayer walking, then the National Mall Monuments!

Pray for safe travel and for God to continue to work in the lives of these students!

I’ve got to call it a night!

Be a voice!  Never again! Even if you are the only one standing up … stand up!

Mrs. G

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